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  • bobgould987
    Jun 28, 2005
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      Norm Dixon, Peter Boyle, Rohan Gaiswinkler, the united front and dog poo

      By Bob Gould

      As they always do, on the question of socialists being active in the
      Labor Party, the DSP leadership talk out of both sides of their mouth
      at the same time.

      Peter Boyle, at length, insists that they do practise a form of the
      united front and Norm Dixon gets very upset and accuses me of
      falsification when I point to what is obvious to everyone except the
      DSP leadership: that the form of the united front they practise is the
      primitive "united front from below" dissected by Trotsky in the 1930s.

      How the energetic ranks of the DSP understand the nod given by their
      leadership on these questions is expressed in a vintage way by Rohan
      Gaiswinkler from Tasmania.

      All the poor benighted people who still hold Labor Party tickets, the
      thousands of active trade unionists among them, including many
      left-wing union leaders, must hold their noses according to
      Gaiswinkler, to avoid the stench of the "dog poo" that goes with being
      in the Labor Party.

      Dave Riley, of the national executive of the Socialist Alliance gets
      very bolshie about the Socialist Equality Party, which is a bit of a
      paradox since the SEP has essentially the same line on Labor as the
      DSP/Socialist Alliance leadership.

      What's even more interesing is that this little outburst of dopey
      factional hysteria happens a day or two before the big national
      mobilisations against Howard's industrial laws, which obviously
      require they maximum unity in action in the labour movement.

      Brother Gaiswinkler's faecal outburst about Laborism, and or
      Laborites, actually gets right to the heart of the DSP leadership's
      real attitude towards the united front, the ALP, the labour movement
      and the trade unions.

      What's really bizarre is that the DSP propaganda machine belts out
      this stuff as a matter of obscene routine and then gets hot under the
      collar and denies it is doing it, when someone like myself points to it.

      The DSP leadership has a complaint that borders on political
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