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19072Re: Here's the basis for a united front: REFUGEE GROUPS CALL FOR LAURIE FERGUSON

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  • glparramatta
    Jun 22 10:13 PM
      Well, I ain't the one who is supposed to have my finger on the pulse
      of the internal ALP shenanigans. But since Bob refuses to share with
      us what he knows, or what he does in there, we'll just have to wait
      and see.

      If Fergo is booted it will be a victory for the broad refugees' rights
      movement. It won't simply be due to motions being passed inside the
      ALP, as excellent as they are, but due to the persistent public
      campaigning and mobilisations like that of last week's World Refugee
      Day. I still find truely bizarre that Ferguson was ever chosen for,
      let alone continues in, the position of immigration spokesperson. But
      then again, the parliamentary Labor remains rusted onto the mandatory
      detention policy. And I guess it was part of a factional job
      stitch-up. One would hope the Labor ``left'' will wake up to
      themselves soon and jettison Fergo, but who knows?

      Perhaps Ed has some ideas, since he seems to be most pro-Labor Green
      I've come across.



      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Lewis" <ozleft@o...>
      > >Yes, Bob I'm dancing for joy at the victory of `Leftwing Laurie'
      > being *retained* as shadow immigration detention minister.>
      > Any tips as to what might happen in the Labor reshuffle, Norm?
      > Ed Lewis
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