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19010Re: Here's the basis for a united front: REFUGEE GROUPS CALL FOR LAURIE FERGUSON

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  • glparramatta
    Jun 21, 2005
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      > --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "bobgould987"
      > <bobgould987@y...> wrote:
      > > The DSP, Norm Dixon and the united front
      > >
      > > Within a short space of time today there was a spirited revolt against
      > > Ferguson in the Labor federal caucus, and by tonight Kim Beazley was
      > > asserting forcefully that Ferguson had changed his view.
      > >
      > > One might have thought that Norm would celebrate this day of modest
      > > agitation, which forced a retreat on Ferguson and demonstrated the
      > > lively character of the current in the Labor Party and the unions in
      > > support of refugees.

      According to Ferguson, just one MP was involved in the ``spirited
      revolt against Ferguson in the Labor federal caucas'', and the awful
      Laurie Ferguson continues to spout off despite Beazley's ``forceful
      assertion'' that Fergo has changed his tune. I'm on plenty of lists,
      but I've seen little evidence that L4R has spread Rintoul's press
      release far and wide. It was forwarded ``FYI'' without comment on the
      L4R list, as were transcripts of Fergusons hate speech against Qasim.

      Of course, I'm quite happy to be proven wrong. I want there to be a
      ``lively current inside the ALP'' fighting for refugees' rights and
      for a more left-wing policy, and for it to work with the left outside,
      dare I say in a united front. I just don't see much evidence of it.

      So Bob, are exaggerating the response to Ferguson inside the ALP?
      Please give us more information to back up your own ``forceful
      assertions''. Please prove me wrong.


      Here's some more from the ``rebuked'' Fergo

      THE AGE
      Doubts about Qasim

      Date: June 22 2005

      By Michelle Grattan

      Labor's controversial immigration spokesman Laurie Ferguson said last
      night he doubted that Peter Qasim, Australia's longest-term detainee
      who is about to be released, had been fully co-operative.

      This comment will be seen as provocative after earlier remarks
      embarrassed his leader.

      Kim Beazley reprimanded Mr Ferguson yesterday for saying it would be
      a worrying precedent for most Australians if people could be defined as
      stateless if they refused to clarify who they were and where they came

      Mr Beazley is under pressure to move Mr Ferguson, who is widely
      criticised in the party.

      Mr Beazley told Mr Ferguson as they entered the caucus meeting that
      he should not have criticised the release of Mr Qasim. Mr Ferguson said
      he had not done that but was making a wider point about statelessness.

      Mr Ferguson and the Government do not regard Mr Qasim as stateless.

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