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18815[GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Fightback and Socialist Alliance conferences

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  • Nick Fredman
    Jun 15, 2005
      Peter Boyle:

      >the DSP is the ONLY one of the original founding afiliates that
      >is building the Alliance (outside Wills at least!).

      From my isolated perch, I think there must be exceptions, maybe in
      particular areas and from particular activists. As I understand it,
      at least Workers Liberty formally adhere to the idea of a united
      socialist party, unlike the other non-DSP groups, who cling to the
      "united front of a weird-arse kind" formula, or whatever it is
      (whether WL have actually done anything about it in recent times I've
      no idea). The SA National Tertiary Education Union caucus, I think
      everyone involved from all SA tendencies and none would agree, is a
      considerable success, and ISO members participate in it, including
      distributing SA material. Lisa Farrance from Workers Power (I presume
      still) takes this caucus very seriously, in discussions and
      caucusing, distributing stuff, running in an SA ticket for her NTEU
      branch exec, etc.

      On the other hand, last time I was in Sydney (Feb), I came across an
      ISO stall, and not only was there no SA material at all (and nothing
      in Socialist Worker), but the experienced ISO comrade there, who knew
      me, didn't speak to me as an SA comrade, but as raw recruit-material.
      I was very unimpressed. Luckily a Zionist came along and we could
      both argue with him - in almost exactly the same way. But that's one
      of the contradictions of this process: some good practical work and a
      lot of political agreement, combined with an organisational fetishism
      on the part of the ISO and smaller groups that is totally beyond the
      understanding of the great majority of SA members and potential
      members and supporters.

      To mix a couple of metaphors: the ball's in the ISO's court, it's up
      to them if they want to pick it up and run with it.
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