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18804[GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Fightback and Socialist Alliance conferences

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  • Nick Fredman
    Jun 15, 2005
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      Bob Gould:

      >On the second day Green Left Weekly was re-endorsed as effectively the
      >newspaper of the Socialist Alliance,

      If only. It *should* be, in effect and officially, the newspaper of
      SA, as the vast majority of non-ISO SA members clearly want. What's
      been agreed at the conference is a slightly better compromise with
      the minority who continue to exercise an effective veto on this
      question. Hopefully things will continue to develop, if painfully and
      boringly slowly, to what the majority actually wants. It's also very
      boring that Gould continues to lie by omission about the fact that
      full editorial involvement has been repeatedly offered to the ISO,
      and has been rejected.

      If you want to make any relevant comments on this question, Bob,
      answer this: what's stopping the ISO from energetically taking up
      this offer, with the provision that the GL editorial line line will
      continue to stick to SA positions, and with the added provision that
      discussion and comment in general in GLW will proportionally reflect
      the views within SA? What's to stop them putting forward a better
      name, if they continue to have a fetishistic opposition the GLW (a
      name which, the ISO and Gould seem to think, by magic voodoo can only
      contain DSP politics)?

      The answer of course, is that the ISO is doggedly sticking to the
      organisational fetishism of putting out their own barely read
      monthly, rather than participate in a weekly with 10 times the

      An interesting exercise (that I had hoped to do but have never had
      time) would be a content analysis and readership survey of some
      concuurent issues of Socialist Worker and GLW. The news would be very
      similar and the differences in analyses would be lost on most
      readers, and if not could both be easily put in. I'm sure such
      research would show that the principled opposition to an socialist
      newspaper involving all the tendencies in SA is utter bullshit.
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