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18791Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Fightback and Socialist Alliance conferences

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  • Mike Byrne
    Jun 15, 2005
      It's astounding how you've omitted to mention Steve Jolly's call for a
      "new working class party" which was made during his "rather fiery
      speech". Craig Johnston and many others in attendence are obviously
      labouring under the false impressions that the Socialist Alliance are
      actually building this party.

      Mike B

      bobgould987 wrote:

      >By Bob Gould
      >This was put into words most sharply by Craig Johnson, the recently
      >released militant unionist who had been imprisoned for his trade union
      >Johnson baldly said that while Labor governments in the past had done
      >bad things the immediate strategic question was to exert pressure on
      >the Labor Party and the ACTU to stand up against the anti-union laws.
      >This theme was taken up in different ways by the other union officials
      >who spoke.
      >The DSP leadership, specialists though they are in anti-ALP rhetoric,
      >remained silent on this question, and it was left to Steve Jolly, a
      >Socialist Party councillor on Yarra Council, to make a rather fiery
      >speech in which he said the working class couldn't trust Labor and
      >would have to rely on its own strength to defeat the Liberals.
      >There are elements of truth in Johnson's position of exerting pressure
      >on Labor and in Jolly's position of the working class in the final
      >analysis having to rely on its own strength. Properly viewed, there's
      >not much conflict between the two positions.
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