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  • Peter Boyle
    Jun 6 8:35 PM
      bobgould987 wrote:

      > It's an open secret that sales of printed socialist newspapers,
      > including Green Left Weekly, are probably at an all-time low.

      I think the degree to which the internet is cutting into hard copy
      distribution should not be overstated. Over the last couple of years,
      while the weekly street sales of Green Left Weekly have gone down from
      an average of about 2000 to about 1500, this seems more related to the
      amount of activist time put into that form of distribution. This varies
      with the state of the movements (which has been low), degree of
      organisation, competing demands for activist time, etc. However, with
      relatively little attention, we have maintained in addition to those
      sales, some 1300 domestic subscribers (including members of DSP and
      Resistance). And the rate of street sales has remained pretty constant.
      With the announcement of details of Howard's proposed new union laws,
      Green Left Weekly distribution has been rising again.

      So despite the fact that many people are turning to the internet for
      their politics (see Downloading Democracy
      <http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2005/01/12/1105423548673.html>, I
      Surf and I Vote
      there is still an important political role for printed publications on
      the left, both as an agitator and organiser.... and finance raiser!

      > Nevertheless, the effort and cost of producing the paper is obviously
      > considerable.
      > I wonder how, despite the enormous number of hits on radical web
      > presences such as GLW, WSWS and others, it's possible to generate
      > enough finance on the web to cover the cost of up-to-the-minute coverage.
      If and when we discover "the secret" of making big bucks from left
      publishing on the internet, we will tell all our friends! But we are
      researching seriously, don't you worry about that.

      > I'm not convinced by Bustelo rubbishing the idea of printed socialist
      > journals.
      Neither am I.

      > One thing that Peter Boyle might gives us, if he doesn't mind, is the
      > raw figures as to how the hits on GLW break down between Australia and
      > overseas.
      I think it is about 70% overseas but still enough domestic web readers
      to ensure

      > During the election, the Labor Party was the second most popular site
      > and /Green Left Weekly/ received more visits than the Liberal Party.
      > Hitwise recorded that the most popular search terms that political
      > visitors typed in were "Michael Moore", "globalisation", "abortion",
      > "Vietnam War", "US military casualties", "Aboriginal flag", "Nelson
      > Mandela" and "Mark Latham". -
      > <<http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2005/01/12/1105423548673.html>


      > “If you look at the top websites that Australians visited just last
      > week, Michael Moore was the number one, you know, global site that
      > they went to. The second one was the /Green Left Weekly/ which has a
      > huge proportion of 18- to 24-year-olds.” - Tessa Court, from the web
      > monitoring company Hitwise.
      > <http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/590/590p9.htm>

      See also:

      ABC Media Report with Mick O'Regan, "A Young Person's Media Guide to
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