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18538Re: socialist unity with the living dead

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  • Ben C
    Jun 6, 2005
      Bob Gould wrote
      ”Ben Courtice, who reposted Bustelo's post to the Green Left list, is
      repois still a member of the Australian DSP, so I assume he's either
      playing a devil's advocate role or maybe he's a little more cynical
      than that, and he's implying that all the other socialist groups
      except the DSP should go out of business.”

      Not so much devil’s advocate as sincere expression of my hopes.

      I am not cynically excepting the DSP from the prescription. The DSP should “go
      out of business” like all the others; in fact that is the DSP’s policy – to
      build the Socialist Alliance into a new party that will replace the
      pre-existing left groups, including itself.

      Bob seems so engrossed in reading factional conspiracies in his tea-leaves
      that this obvious point has apparently escaped him.

      “I ask both Bustelo and Courtice, what do they think the activities of
      future socialist organisation should consist of if the existing ones
      were to go out of business?”

      Joaquin Bustelo can answer for himself if he chooses. It’s a very big question
      – and I don’t feel particularly obligated to answer here and now, because (as
      many people have to date already pointed out) Bob Gould really says next to
      nothing on the topic himself.

      And it’s not actually a question of “going out of business” (although I
      suspect many if not all will end up doing that if they don’t seize the
      opportunity that unity presents). If we really need the corporate analogy,
      think of a corporate merger perhaps.

      Ben C
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