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16772RE: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: `Left-wing' Laurie Ferguson's betrayal of Nauru detainees

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  • Annette Pritchard
    Apr 21, 2005

      Bob Gould u may have a point. and although it's probably highly hypocritical coming form me as those of u who have read my postings would be aware, but gramma is an issue here. SAM???? PHAM!  p h not s. my typing is often filled iwht errors but i at least have the courtesy to get names correct.


      >From: "bobgould987" <bobgould987@...>
      >Reply-To: GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com
      >To: GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: `Left-wing' Laurie Ferguson's betrayal of Nauru detainees
      >Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 01:26:30 -0000
      >By Bob Gould
      >Firstly, responding to Norm Dixon. You're being a bit cute, Norm. You
      >well know, or you should well know, that I and a number of associates
      >have been vigorously engaged in campaigning in the Labor Party against
      >Laurie Ferguson's views on asylum seekers, and for the program of
      >Labor for Refugees.
      >One close associate of mine has been conducting a veritable war in
      >cyberspace with Ferguson on these matters, and Labor for Refugees
      >supporters all over the country have been joining in this political
      >argument, which is ongoing.
      >At a recent meeting addressed by Ferguson, John Robertson (NSW Labour
      >Council) and a woman from the Refugee Council, Ferguson was bombarded
      >from the floor by the 50 or so Labor Party members present, and by the
      >other two platform speakers, for his views.
      >In the course of this discussion I described Ferguson, who I've known
      >personally for a very long time, as a grumpy curmudgeon and I made the
      >point that his views were inappropriate for the postion in shadow
      >cabinet that he holds. There was quite a bit of laughter at my
      >description of him as a grumpy curmudgeon.
      >I don't intend to ask Ferguson to airbrush me out of his campaign
      >newsletter. Given the Stalinist experience, I'm strongly opposed to
      >airbrushing anyone out of anything. History is whole cloth, as Marx
      >used to say.
      >It's a two-edged sword anyway, for Ferguson to use a picture in which
      >I'm present. I'm very well known in the labour movement for sharp
      >opposition to many of Ferguson's views, particularly his views on
      >asylum seekers.
      >Secondly, on the curious, chronic exchange between Sam Minh and Louis
      >R. Godena, I believe that Margaret A, the moderator, has adopted the
      >correct approach in the difficult circumstances of the list being
      >bombarded by a couple of cyber-entity trolls, ostensibly in conflict
      >with each other.
      >Sam Minh is quite clearly a constructed cyber-entity, a fluid
      >right-winger who chooses to adopt a Vietnamese persona. It's also
      >becoming pretty clear that Louis R. Godena is also a fluid
      >cyber-entity, who chooses to adopt a brutal caricature "Marxist"
      >Sendero Luminoso persona.
      >The real clue here that Godena is a carefully crafted cyber-construct
      >is the vicious way he caricatures Marxist ideas, those of Lenin in
      >particular, and the way he picks up on the conflicts on political
      >questions between myself and the DSP leadership, and kicks my head
      >whenever he can.
      >Who knows? The cyber-entities Sam Minh and Louis Godena may even be
      >the same person having a bit of a lend of us all.
      >There's not much anyone can do about that, let's see how this little
      >cyberspace funkenspeil plays out.

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