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15791Re: Barry Sheppard's political memoir ofthe US SWP,1960-88

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  • watermelonjack21
    Mar 31, 2005
      Alan Bradley:

      >Incidentally, if you are in fact the person who Norm Dixon implied
      you were, you would have been involved in pretty nearly every other
      expulsion the DSP has carried out in its entire history. It is, of
      course, totally coincidental that the rate of such expulsions has
      dropped to nearly zero since you left, but it is amusing!>

      No, Alan, only one person could claim that distinction, and that was
      the late Jim Percy. That's if you mean centrally involved. Of course,
      delegates at national conferences voted retrospectively on expulsions,
      so everyone was involved eventually, if that's what you mean.

      If you're saying there haven't been many expulsions in the past 20
      years or so, that's about the time since Jim Percy's unfortunate death.

      There was quite a turnover in the central leadership of the DSP in the
      1980s, usually connected with how various people got along with Jim
      Percy. No one was there long enough to match Jim Percy's record, or
      even come close to it.

      You're fishing in very troubled waters, Alan.

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