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15204[GreenLeft_discussion] Re: CPGB/SA controversy

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  • Nick Fredman
    Mar 16 6:34 PM
      I now have little time and less interest in repeatedly correctly Bob
      Gould's dishonesty with information that is empirically verifiable,
      but I'll throw this in:

      >Accepting Boyle's fitures and extrapolating from the relative
      >populations of Australian cities and regions and from what is publicly
      >known about the Socialist Alliance in various states, the shape of the
      >alliance may look as follows: 50 in Brisbane, 15 in rural Queensland,
      >15 in the NT, 50 in Perth, 10 in rural WA, 30 in Adelaide, 10 in rural
      >SA, 30 in Tasmania, 50 in the ACT, 30 in Newcastle, 10 in Wollongong,
      >20 in rural NSW ...

      "Publicly known" seems to mean to Bob what he hears in gossip in his
      perch in his Newtown shop, or whatever he surmises will be useful for
      his arguments. The Northern Rivers branch of SA has 35 paid up
      members. Not all hard-core Bolshevik activists true, but people who
      identify with and have some level of involvement in SA. There's a
      branch in Taree, which I recall seeing somewhere had 7 members.
      There's a couple of paid-up members in Grafton and at least one in
      Armidale (an activist in the NTEU at UNE and in the town's anti-war
      and refugee rights campaigns). There's apparently some in other
      towns. Whether it's "publicly known" or not, there's at least 45-50
      SA members in rural NSW. I would guess Bob's other "publicly known"
      figures are similarly inaccurate.
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