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14483Re: Demise of the English Socialist Alliance

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  • dave_r_riley
    Mar 1, 2005
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      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "nigel_irritable"
      <nigel_irritable@y...> wrote:

      > Where I seem to disagree with some here is that I see
      > the creation of that party as being primarily the result of the
      > working class moving into struggle and not primarily the result of
      > some regroupment of existing small left groups. The second area of
      > disagreement is that I do not for one second support the idea of
      > revolutionaries dissolving their own organisation within a broader
      > formation. Work to create it, yes. Join it, yes. Do everything we
      > can to build it and make it succeed, yes. Dissolve in it?
      > not.

      i fear this says it all, brian--especially if you hold to the we-are-
      the-only-true-revolutionaries credo (which apparently you do).

      but there is one thing that i wanted to bring up relative to the
      scottish experience and it is this: whatever interpretation you
      place on the history of the transition from small CWI section to the
      creation of the SSP, one feature seems to stand out. the comrades of
      the ISM ( the ex CWI current within the SSP)achieved that despite
      OPPOSITION from the CWI/Militant (ie: your outfit) and in the
      absence of SUPPORT from the SWP(which joined the Scottish project
      late then left only to rejoin it later on and has always been
      ambivalent about the enterprise)

      in the context of this discussion on the English SA I hast to add
      that maybe I am recognising a pattern. one could possibly suggest
      that it was achieved precisely because the tactics, both the SP and
      the SWP now subscribe to, were not involved in the enterprise and
      maybe, just maybe, thats' precisely why it succeeded.

      essentially this is where my antipodean hopes kick in. throughout
      this most recent period I suffered from what now appears to be a
      delusion that such key players as your outfit -- the SP --and the
      SWP (as well as their associated toy cominterns)would change their
      minds and make some concession to the tactical reality/possibilities
      in front of them.

      this also begs the obvious question of how one is supposed to tell
      when the 'moment ' is right for "the creation of a new mass party of
      the working class". when the working class moves into struggle?
      nice schema. great rhetoric. but don't you think it's a touch
      abstract and dare I say it, improvisational? aren't you telling us,
      that at a pinch, comrade, the SP is going to "wing it"?

      did such a serendipitous moment in historical time develop in
      scotland at the particular conjunction that bore the SSP? was
      that "it" or something else?

      so I don't agree with this tactical homily that puts off till
      tomorrow what you could work towards today.

      dave riley
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