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14462Re: Results in WA - technique of "framing"

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  • Ian Latto
    Feb 28, 2005
      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "Sean Diggins"
      <diggo@w...> wrote:
      > With respect to your comments above, my intent was not to blame
      terminology for the marginalisation of socialist ideas.

      The primary (school) concepts are fairly static IMO. So I think it is
      a contest to capture the primary school words and ideas. How many
      times more than our opponents do we use the words freedom, liberty,
      democracy, justice.

      Who owns the word? Is the primary word ours or theirs? Other parties
      falsely use primary ideas but word remains true. The word in the
      beginning was good.

      It might be each primary word that a political contest is over. The
      contest of repetition and frequent use - in public.

      Sean said,

      > The ruling class has not destroyed the ideas. Even the people who
      vote for the ruling class still like the ideas. But they certainly do
      not trust the terminologies!

      Do people trust primary terms - those words reinforced by the years of
      primary school repetition?

      I think people like freedom and dislike servitude. What freedom is
      would be an intellectual question. The Greens offer more freedom. The
      Liberals are offering more servitude.

      But right now the Liberals are better at saying they offer more freedom.


      By the by. The looming ALP-LIB conflict over the GST money will offer
      the new parties an opportunity.

      The ALP relied on a political promise that if they removed their
      taxation the LIBS would give them the money free of strings.

      The ALP, my friends, broke the Golden Rule, that those who have the
      gold make the rules. The ALP did not put the GST rule in the

      So the looming contest, which the ALP will lose, will offer
      opportunity for new parties in the coming decade.

      Ian C Latto.
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