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14454Re: Results in WA

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  • alanb1000
    Feb 28, 2005
      "Sean Diggins" wrote:
      > The technique of "framing" as described by Lakoff in his "Don't
      > Think of An Elephant" book, used most blatantly by FOX (Fair and
      > Balanced, We Report, You Decide) is a tool which would be very
      > useful to socialists, not least as a pointer to the need to find an
      > alternative to even using the term "socialist", as it seems to be a
      > poisoned word within the mainstream.
      > Other poisoned words/phrases include "left", "left wing", communist,
      > communism, Marxism etc etc.

      I first heard this kind of thing being proposed about twenty years
      ago. It wasn't a new idea then, either.

      It never seems to have produced anything worthwhile.
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