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14434Re: Results in WA - technique of "framing"

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  • chen9692000
    Feb 28, 2005
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      Hi Sean

      I think this judgement is a litle harsh. I take your point about
      framing - as I think most people on this list would - but remember
      there are bigger structures - we can re-frame things but our access
      to the media etc makes it of limited use. I'm sure your aware of
      this but some of what you say makes it sound like the marginalisation
      of socialist ideas is just a matter of terminology.

      Ian has a case in point. John Anderson makes a stupid remark which
      plays his electorates prejudices and it mainstream news all day,
      while Bob Brown's re-frame is basically ignored. The media calls the
      WEF protests in Melbourne "anti-globalisation" and there's a limit to
      what you can do with that to re-label it because they have the power
      to repeat it and you have a limited power to contest it. The
      socialist movement has a long tradition of 'transitional demands'
      which are essentially reframes.

      That said I tend to agree with you that it may well be time to
      abandon old terms that don't convey our meaning but that is a
      political decision about how best to carry the fight forward not just
      a matter of finding a better terminology.


      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "Sean Diggins"
      <diggo@w...> wrote:
      > Increasingly, we see the SA and other groups which contain gifted
      > being further marginalised by their stubborn refusal to think
      outside the
      > existing boxes, or (perhaps more tellingly) lack of interest in
      > beyond endless discussion/argument within the community
      of "believers".
      > The right know how to recruit.
      > Increasingly, the left do not.
      > Sean
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