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14429Re: Results in WA - technique of "framing"

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  • Ian Latto
    Feb 28, 2005
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      The technique of "framing" as described by Lakoff in his "Don't Think ...

      Here's an example of reframing from my experience in the 2004 federal
      election. I was running for the Greens on the Gold Coast in McPherson

      John Anderson was attacking the Greens - calling us watermelons -
      communist. Bob Brown in the AFR replied we were more like avocados -
      green on the outside and inside. But his reply didn't get a run
      anywhere else.

      I reframed the debate for our local paper the GC Bulletin.

      "Our nice sitting liberal Margaret May is the only watermelon around
      here. She sucks up to the biggest red regime in the world: Beijing.
      When president Hu was speaking in our parliament it was the Greens:
      Bob Brown and Kerry Nettle, who got locked out."

      John Anderson the next day was up in far north Qld. He was obviously
      informed about the re-framed argument and it impacted him enough to
      think his image of watermelons was a bit 'old hat'. 'Not contempory
      enough. So when speaking to the media he changed his verbal words
      about the Greens to us an avocado, "green and mushy with a bit brown
      nut inside."

      Ha ha ha. Funny. Not.

      My article only got in the GC Bulletin. But Ando got the message all
      over Australia on the evening news.

      The reframing worked. He knocked himself off message - from the
      watermelon image.

      The media then called him:
      - Ando with his fruity themes, if you can think of another fruity
      theme for Ando send it in.
      - Like a small child who got a laugh with the first display so tried
      to outdo himself.
      - A fruit nut

      Now my party members were not exactly thrilled to have me discussing
      watermelons and avocados. Why wasn't I discussing the environment? And
      global warming?

      But the red communist tag was broken. It was the best reframing I
      could do from the Gold Coast in the last federal election.

      So I agree with you Sean - reframing is necessary.

      Turning now to this forum. I feel that framed debates do not discuss
      higher level distinctions. Reframing is not about policies IMO. It is
      about primary school. It is a language of simplicity. My view on
      framing is I spell check my article and get the reading grade level
      down low. I make sure I have lots of images and a few rhymes in the words.

      How did I get the article in the Bulletin? Well Ms May attacked me on
      her website about the Greens drugs policy being "horrific".

      That was my 'in' - a right of reply

      I reframed her image by first saying she was having trouble swallowing
      the Greens ideas, like an avocado seed. "But if she relaxed a bit more
      she might find she enjoys it."

      "She is the only watermelon in McPherson. Her party sucks up to..."

      Sean is right. I should reframe what I said about the ALP:

      "Let's talk about working together... with the ALP... as friends.
      "We are both looking to advance freedom and democracy.
      "We are brothers and sisters in arms.
      "We want the same things.

      "And I want to make two important points.
      "To our good friends in America and the ALP.
      "First we Greens are real mates.

      "Secondly, there is a great danger in the 6% deficit iceberg that both
      our wide brown land and the USA are running into.
      "It is like a titanic iceberg in front of our economies. It could sink
      us if we don't change course.
      "A sinking economy would create huge suction world wide. It will drown
      smaller weaker nations that float near us.

      "For the sake of regional stability....will you join with the Greens
      to save the local economies in the pacific region?

      "Because that's what the Greens are all about. Our defence and
      economic interests marry up here, Greens, [p]artners in the [p]acific.
      [Not in Iraq.]

      Won't someone save our local economy? Won't someone save the little

      Ian Latto - speaking personally
      Ordinary Member of the Gold Coast Greens (Qld)
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