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  • bobgould987
    Feb 27, 2005
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      Labor substantially increases its vote in WA and the Greens do well.
      Socialist Alliance literally nowhere, electorally speaking

      By Bob Gould

      The election result in WA is a dramatic confirmation of the class
      divide in Australian politics between the Labor-Green side and the
      conservative side.

      The rather eccentric predictions of people like Michael Berrell and
      Paul Oboohov about the disappearance of the Labor vote are sharply
      refuted by this result.

      When you look at the map of WA, the areas where Labor and the Greens
      did well were the working-class and middle-class urban seats and
      non-urban areas with a high concentration of Aboriginal voters.

      The Liberal-National votes were concentrated in the most affluent
      urban areas and some conservative farming areas.

      It's clear that organised workers rallied to the Labor government on
      the general understanding that re-election of Labor was the best
      defence of their interests against Howard's attacks on their right to

      Peter Boyle's recent metaphysics about the healthy future prospects of
      the Socialist Alliance are dramatically contradicted by this election
      result, as also is the curious article in last week's Green Left
      Weekly, which ended on the note that the Socialist Alliance was the
      genuine electoral alternative to what the writers called the two
      capitalist parties.

      The radicalised working class and middle class voters clearly didn't
      see it that way because the Socialist Alliance vote was so low in two
      of the three upper house electorates it contested that it didn't
      register a percentage, and the percentage in the other seat was .02.

      The election was notable for a very tight and deliberate exchange of
      preferences between the Greens and Labor, which is infuriating to the
      bourgeoisie, particularly since along with NSW the WA Greens are the
      sheet anchor of the left in the Greens nationally.

      This election confirms the absolute necessity for socialists to adopt
      a strategic united front approach to Labor and the Greens, rather than
      the DSP's vitriolic exposure strategy embodied in all the nonsense
      preached by the DSP leadership about the two equal capitalist parties.
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