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13712Re: Joshua Boyle blasts his bugle again

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  • alanb1000
    Feb 9, 2005
      More Gould distortions.

      Compare what Gould says Peter Boyle writes with what Boyle actually

      "bobgould987" wrote:
      > In a convoluted way he says no Labor governments have ever done
      > anything for the working class.
      > Peter Boyle's post
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GreenLeft_discussion/message/13555
      > >There is nothing progressive about the ALP. And as Humphrey
      > >McQueen argues, in its entire history not a single ALP government
      > >could in any way be described as a government for the working
      > >class. Every single ALP government sought to serve and preserve
      > >capitalist rule. It is 100% a capitalist party but one with a
      > >historic relationship with the trade union officialdom.

      Boyle wrote nothing even remotely like "no Labor governments have
      ever done anything for the working class", that is, that no Labor
      government has ever introduced reforms that were in the interests of
      working people.

      Why didn't Boyle write this? Because it's obviously untrue.

      In fact, many conservative governments have "done [things] for the
      working class" too! But even in Bob Gould's world that doesn't mean
      that they aren't 100% capitalist parties!

      In short, Gould's post is the same old nonsense.

      Alan Bradley
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