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12199Re: DSP prettifies the feudal monarchy of North Korea

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  • iggykim
    Dec 30, 2004
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      Having returned today from holidays interstate, I was amused by Gould's
      comment on my recent book review, replete with the usual dosage of
      crude flattery and invention (including an entirely new definition of

      I won't waste cyberspace taking up his *main* point -- an attack on
      the DSP -- let alone his minor point, the nature of North Korea and
      Korean history. All I will do is refer anyone interested in the latter
      subject to read Bruce Cumings's seminal work: The Origins of the
      Korean War (in two volumes). Cumings is the world's foremost
      English-language authority on the subject, and with good reason.
      Gould's foam does not detract from this simple fact.

      One challenge I throw up to Gould: Does your shop have any affordable
      copies of these out-of-print gems? I would dearly love to get my hands
      on them.

      Iggy Kim
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