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12158Re: DSP prettifies the feudal monarchy of North Korea

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  • lordludd66
    Dec 29, 2004
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      I think Bob means that if the Incas had had nuclear weapons we
      could have backed the Spanish Inquisition.

      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "chriskerris"
      <chriskerris@y...> wrote:
      > Bob still doesn't actually demonstrate much positive socio-
      > evidence to prove that NK is a feudal monarchy. There are two
      > assertions (which he doesn't bother to back up with evidence): one
      > is that there is no gains left to defend from the revolution and
      > that it isn't capitalist so using some crude formal logic arrives
      > the conclusion that it must be a fuedal monarchy. This is
      > interesting because while Bob argues he doesn't support the
      > capitalist South Korea annexing the North, the implications of his
      > statement are that the social system which exists in the South is
      > more progressive than that or the North (that is if one believes
      > feudalism to be more reactionary than capitalism) - so wouldn't
      > logical development of such an argument be that a
      > bougeois "revolution" (which puts into place capitalist
      > property/social relations) be a step foward to the social system
      > property relations that exist now (being fuedal). Bob keeps making
      > comparisons to the Incas so does he think that the solution to the
      > oppression of that society was for the proleteriat to overthrow
      > their stalinist lords and put into place a post-capitalist economy?
      > BG's logic seems quite strange for me. I would have thought that
      > he wants to persist with this method of eliminating socio-economic
      > categories until only one is left then he might be more interested
      > in describing NK as 'bureaucratic collectivist'.
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