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12075Re: DSP prettifies the feudal monarchy of North Korea

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  • alanb1000
    Dec 26, 2004
      I had better do the "I am not a member of the DSP, nor do my opinions
      necessarily coincide with theirs" thing again here.

      To clarify my position: it would be preferable if the North Korean
      masses could remove the Stalinist misleadership of their state
      without opening the way to capitalist restoration, but I consider
      this unlikely, bordering on impossible, in the present world

      In that context, putting forward the traditional Trotskyist
      "political revolution" position takes on a rather irresponsible
      character, in my opinion, but this is not absolute.

      On the other hand, chatter about "feudal states" and so on is just
      plain reactionary nonsense.

      Alan Bradley
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