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12019Re: DSP prettifies the feudal monarchy of North Korea

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  • bobgould987
    Dec 24, 2004
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      By Bob Gould

      As Peter Boyle says, Marxists enjoy the holiday season like anyone
      else. But they tend to enjoy it in whatever way they enjoy life in
      general. I run my shop for long hours, I buy the odd present for close
      friends, but inevitably late at night and over the holiday period my
      interest turns back to my general political interests.

      The holiday season is not a bad time to read, study and write, in my
      experience. I rapidly get bored with Christmas television, as do most
      of us, and I get back to business as the mood takes me.

      Peter Boyle overdoes it a bit, for my taste, with his emphasis on
      getting pissed and stuffing oneself. My appetite for that is a bit
      limited and it always has been. At close family gatherings at
      Christmas over many years we always seem to end up arguing about politics.

      The timing of my piece about the class nature of North Korea was
      dictated by when the piece appeared -- a week or so ago -- and it has
      taken me about a week to think about the question, do a bit of
      research and tidy up the article.

      I don't imply that Iggy Kim is some kind of mindless clone. He accepts
      the general, extremely rigid discipline of the DSP willingly, but the
      fact that an article of this type appears -- despite what Boyle says,
      a kind of line article -- is significant in an organisation like the DSP.

      Several months ago, as we all know, LF was expelled from the DSP
      because he didn't allow every detail of his political work to be
      conducted under the direct control of the DSP leadership. That's the
      kind of organisation the DSP is.

      I'm interested that Boyle quotes for support someone called Stan
      Smith, who puts forward all the traditional Stalinist arguments
      against anyone who questions any Stalinist regime.

      I reassert my basic point. It seems to me, when a significant article
      like the one by Iggy Kim appears in Green Left Weekly, it's an
      appropriate time to have a sensible discussion about the class nature
      of North Korea and the regime that runs the place.

      Boyle and I bounce off each other various forms of rather personal
      polemic -- Boyle rather more than me, actually -- but the question of
      the class nature of North Korea and the totalitarian regime running it
      as a feudal monarchy is an objective question that ought to be subject
      to the possibility of rational discussion.

      The silly season is quite a good time for rational discussion because
      that's one way we can all escape from the silly season.

      In relation to the Asia-Pacific conference, I've always regarded them
      as a useful initiative by the DSP, and I always attend those parts of
      them that interest me. I made favourable comment on one of them in the
      long piece I wrote attacking Keith Windschuttle, and I'll certainly be
      at the next one, putting forward my point of view on various
      questions, as is my lifelong habit.
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