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11764Re: SA-VIC: SA election results smash records!

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  • Peter Boyle
    Dec 15, 2004
      Any group on the left is better than the evil DSP -- to Bob Gould. For
      examples of the SP's more "reasonable" approach to Australian politics
      please read:

      Howard won't give us economic security
      Posted on Thursday, December 02 @ 20:46:00 CST by spno
      This is the article analysing the post-Federal election situation plus
      why Howard won from the current issue of The Socialist.

      Socialist Alliance sows illusions in Greens
      Posted on Sunday, November 07 @ 00:39:22 CST by spno
      While the Socialist Party (SP) is busy putting the blowtorch to the
      Greens, another left wing party, Socialist Alliance (SA), continues to
      build up their credibility.

      The SP's first explanation of why it won the Richmond council position
      is quite straightforward:

      1. They ran a serious campaign:
      "We had two glossy full colour leaflets and a poster (available on our
      web site: http://www.socialistpartyaustralia.org). There were two
      letterbox drops and over 3000 homes were doorknocked. On top of this
      we ran stalls and participated in 3 debates throughout the Ward with
      the other candidates in which we felt we won strongly."

      2. They sharply opposed the neo-liberal agenda of the ALP-Greens council:
      "We successfully branded ourselves as the left opposition to the joint
      ALP/Green-run Council."

      3. Stephen Jolly had built up authority in Richmond over more than a
      "It must be said the other reason we won this seat was as a result of
      a decade of hard work in the area. A significant number of local
      people knew of our work saving Richmond Secondary College, on the
      urban environment, on heroin reform, for casual workers' rights etc
      etc and trusted us enough to vote socialist."


      All the left can and should learn from.

      Jolly is a talented comrade and has a certain charisma. However, the
      SP is heavily dependent on this and I suspect this is one reason why
      they have not been able to build the SP far beyond his direct personal

      There is no substantially special programmatic insight that the CWI
      owns and the we-have-the-one-true-programmism that it reverted to
      after its break with the majority leadership of its former Scottish
      section does limit its appeal. But it has built on a good tradition of
      local working class community issues that is a strong point of the
      broad Militant tradition. This same tradition carries on, I believe in
      a more non-sectarian way, in the SSP.

      All small socialist groups do have to choose their priorities. So were
      the Socialist Alliance comrades who chose to prioritise helping
      organise the Free Craig Johnston campaign over that last Victorian
      local elections wrong to do so? Should the anti-war movement
      organising be left to more conservative forces while socialists focus
      on building their particular socialist tendency? Would the socialist
      movement in this country have more or less respect for this?

      If more of the socialist groups were willing to work together the
      left's ability to carry out more effective simultaneous campaigns
      would increase. That is why many more socialists -- than belong to all
      its affiliates -- have joined the Socialist Alliance.

      Peter Boyle
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