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11763Re: SA-VIC: SA election results smash records!

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  • alanb1000
    Dec 15 6:03 PM
      Bob Gould wrote:
      > the Greens as a small mass electoral formation to the left of
      > Labor, based largely in the new social layers.

      Calling the Greens a "small mass electoral formation" is meaningless.
      There's nothing "mass" about them. They are a few thousand people -
      maybe five times as many as there in the Socialist Alliance. "Small
      electoral formation" would sum them up perfectly well.

      For the record, I tried very hard to exclude the "new social layers"
      from my Greens branch when I was in there, with a fair degree of
      success. Our major sources of electoral support were areas that had
      high concentrations of public housing. While our electorate-wide
      votes were nothing much, particular neighbourhoods were much more

      And yes, incidentally, we did have a perspective that at least
      overlapped, and in part directly copied, some parts of the SP's work.

      Oh yeah, yesterday a local fundamentalist Christian pastor, who is on
      the local council, publically apologised for bullying the poor, after
      the Greens got stuck into him. He's been going feral for a while
      with "morality" campaigns, but made the mistake of starting to bother
      people for having untidy yards and houses.

      Alan B
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