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11373Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Propects for a broad socialist party in England

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  • Marcel&Maria
    Dec 4, 2004
      Shane Hopkinson writes:

      "The reason why I think the DSP sees SA as a means to its own ends is that I
      spent 10 years as a member. The chief SA offices in Brisbane are the old
      DSP offices where of course "everyone is welcome", the SA paper is GLW,
      there are no platforms organised in SA except the DSP. I am assuming that
      all the SA branches are led by DSP cadre - there might be some exceptions
      but it's the general rule."

      As the DSP organiser in Brisbane and one of three co-convenors of the
      Socialist Alliance in Queensland, I would like to point out that (1) SA
      affiliates and members are indeed welcome to make use of the Brisbane
      Activist Centre as an organising space. There is no need for the suggestive
      quotation marks which hint- incorrectly- that the DSP's offer is somehow
      less than sincere. (2) The DSP is not the only affiliate of the Socialist
      Alliance in Brisbane- there is also the International Socialist Organisation
      (ISO), not to mention Resistance. (3) In two of the five local branches-
      Inala and the new Gold Coast branch- there are no DSP members at all.

      Marce Cameron.
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