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11013Re: Latham's Leichhardt meeting

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  • bobgould987
    Nov 25, 2004
      By Bob Gould

      Nick Fredman and Peter Boyl, react very sharply to my account of Mark
      Latham's meeting at Leichhardt Town Hall.

      Boyle attacks me for recounting the events in the first person. It
      would have been difficult for me not to give an account in the first
      person because I attended the meeting and spoke at it. Apparently
      it's all right for Pip Hinman to lie about what I said, mainly by
      omission, but if I correct the record of what I said, which
      inevitably has to be in the first person, I'm accused of some kind of

      The difficulty Boyle has, is that he's a puffed-up example of the
      species Lenin used to describe as the "committee men". He spends all
      his time in the DSP building, bossing around people in a small circle
      and he's obviously rather resentful of my activities as an old
      agitator. As he says, to each his own.

      The rather more sinister aspect of Boyle's and Fredman's posts is
      their unashamed use of the amalgam method of polemic used so
      notoriously by the Stalinists in the 1930s.

      Because I make a detailed critique of the DSP's political activities,
      they both imply that I'm in some way in league with Doug Cameron.
      Apparently, if someone can find some words in what they say is a
      Cameronite leaflet that are similar to my critique of the DSP, that's
      sufficient to tar me by implication as a Cameronite. What a nasty,
      Stalinist kind of argumentation that is.

      I demand that if Fredman and Boyle make such implications that I'm
      somehow in league with supporters of Cameron, they produce evidence
      to that effect, rather than ugly, Stalinist innuendo.
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