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  • Peter Boyle
    Nov 24, 2004
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      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "bobgould987"
      <bobgould987@y...> wrote:

      > Hinman and company reduced mass politics simply to a formula about
      > rotten Labor leaders who are continually conspiring to betray. They
      > give no weight to the leftist sentiments of the rank and file in the
      > workers movement. That's about as stupid as you can get.

      Bob Gould's slanders can be laughed off as sectarian eccentricity but
      somewhat more effective use of the same slanders (some of them may
      have been selected from his diatribes) are being used by conservative
      trade union bureaucrats and other nasties in the "workers party" to
      attack militant trade union leaders like jailed Socialist Alliance
      member Craig Johnston.

      Have a look, for example, at the cleverly-worded, but poisonous and
      reactionary anonymous slander sheet currently being circulated in the
      trade union movement.

      Read it carefully. Then ask yourself: which side are you on?

      Peter Boyle


      Craig Johnston Campaign - Separating Fact from Fiction

      In December, 2003, the ACTU Executive, which represents 46 unions and
      1.8 million trade unionists, carried the following resolution:

      "This meeting unequivocally condemns the use of criminal, violent and
      intimidatory conduct in industrial and political activity as
      anti-worker and anti-union.

      "Unions uphold the important right of working people and their unions
      to engage in industrial action to protect job security and to improve
      pay and conditions of employment. Union members must also have the
      right to protest and express political views. These are essential
      rights in a democratic society.

      "This meeting recognises that attacks by some employers and
      governments on these essential rights in recent years have generated
      frustration and anger. Workers, unions and union officials have been
      subjected to extreme pressure.

      "However, it is vital that the long standing opposition of the labour
      movement to the use of violence, thuggery and intimidation in any form
      and from any source is upheld. Such activity in fact undermines
      democratic and union rights.

      "Criminal, violent and intimidatory conduct is therefore condemned.

      "There is a collective responsibility to uphold this stance throughout
      the union movement. Those failing to respect this collective
      responsibility by engaging in criminal, violent and intimidatory
      conduct must therefore be denied the support, access to resources, or
      collective protection of unions."

      The ACTU Executive made this decision so their could be no
      misunderstanding of their position following the Johnston Tiles,
      Skilled Engineering, and other incidents involving violence bullying
      and intimidation.

      The campaign to "Free Craig Johnston" is deceptive. It uses lies,
      deception and misinformation in an attempt to have progressive
      Australians support a misguided, politically-driven agenda.

      This is the wrong direction in a period when the union movement has to
      prepare to fight against another series of attacks by the Howard
      government on workers' basic rights to organise and to collectively

      Please read the background and political issues we set out here when
      you are considering your response to requests for support from the

      We urge you to reject the misinformation and support the deeper
      traditions of democracy and solidarity of Australia's labour movement.


      The Socialist Alliance and a small group of unionists are attempting
      to rewrite history and portray the conviction and jailing of Craig
      Johnston on serious criminal charges as a political conspiracy
      involving governments, the courts, the ACTU, the AMWU, the police and

      It really is time to separate fact from fiction.

      Johnston is not in jail because of his activities as a union official,
      he is in jail because he led a mindless rampage at Johnson Tiles and
      Skilled Engineering in June 2001, which left many employees of these
      companies traumatised, fearful, and confused.

      The attempt to "spin" acts of violence, intimidation and industrial
      lunacy as some kind of heroic defence of working people defies belief.

      By donning a balaclava and leading the so called "run-throughs",
      Johnston handed the enemies of the trade union movement a massive
      political weapon to use against it.

      Craig Johnston's politically and industrially inept approach to the
      Johnson Tiles dispute meant that the real issue of the maintenance
      workers' job security was sidelined and inevitably their fight was
      abandoned as resources were diverted to defend criminal charges
      against individual Unionists.

      This Workers First action involved mindless damage to property and
      threats to individuals as a substitute for collective action. This is
      the opposite of traditional union militancy. It fails to develop the
      political understanding of workers; it isolates workers and leaves
      them as spectators in their own struggles.

      Johnston was the leader of a faction within the Victorian Branch of
      the AMWU called Workers First.

      The original militant and successful campaigns supported by Workers
      First in Victoria quickly degenerated into an orgy of self-indulgence
      and self-promotion.

      The faction's divisive tactic was to portray itself as ultra-militant,
      aggressive and uncompromising, to create a myth that the union had
      failed the members but Workers First had saved them.

      The reality behind this myth was a lack of strategic leadership and a
      lack of political understanding combined with a "bully boy" approach
      to anyone who questioned their tactics. The Victorian AMWU became
      isolated from the majority of its members and was the focus of
      political and employer calls for new laws to deal with the overt
      aggression promoted by Workers First.

      Craig Johnston and Workers First misconceived and overestimated the
      value of direct action. They came to believe that they were
      invincible and

      They underestimated the value of political strategy to win the support
      of workers and the public with reasoned argument and strategic,
      sustainable, industrial action.

      The coercive power of the State was underestimated. Working-class
      principles were reduced to putting the faction first. Militancy and
      politics were separated.

      The dispute with Johnson Tiles was so badly handled by Craig Johnston
      that it resulted in:

      1. Unionists and activists being manipulated into violent incidents.
      2. CFMEU members working at Johnson Tiles being terrorised.
      3. Indiscriminate property damage at Johnson Tiles and Skilled
      4. Workers and their families threatened with retribution and even
      death. The so-called 'scabs' at Johnson Tiles were members of the
      AMWU, as were the employees at Skilled Engineering.
      5. A pregnant Skilled Engineering clerical worker fearing for her
      unborn child's health as a result of breathing fumes from a fire
      extinguisher deliberately activated during the rampage.
      6. Offices trashed and clerical workers terrorised by balaclava clad
      7. Union leaders and Unionists diverted from defending their
      membership as a result of lengthy legal proceedings,

      Johnston's union, the AMWU, has long understood that violence,
      bullying, and intimidation has no place in a successful union. On
      this basis, the AMWU National Council called on those involved in the
      'run-throughs' at Johnston Tiles and Skilled Engineering to cooperate
      with the police and resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

      Every unionist involved, except Craig Johnston, determined to plead
      guilty to charges associated with the 'run-throughs'.

      On July 30, 2003, 16 AMWU officers and activists pleaded guilty in the
      Melbourne County Court to charges of unlawful assembly at Johnson
      Tiles and Skilled Engineering on June 15, 2001. They were put on good
      behaviour bonds of between 12 months to 3 years and fined between
      $1,000 and $3,000.

      Craig Johnston was charged with the most serious offences of threat to
      kill, unlawful assault, unlawful imprisonment, affray, riot and
      riotous assembly.

      Johnston maintained the deception and lie that he was not guilty for
      almost three years. During that period a massive amount of money -
      estimated to be around $300,000 - was raised for the defence of the so
      called Skilled Six, mainly from building workers in Victoria.

      Many workers sacrificed wages to attend stop work meetings and the
      rally outside the court on May 10, where Johnston again declared that
      he was innocent and the victim of a political witch hunt.

      Johnston left the rally, went into court, and amazingly did a huge
      back flip and pleaded guilty to the charges he faced.

      He was sentenced to 12 months jail, fully suspended, along with
      substantial fines. Workers who had been deceived by Johnston's claim
      of innocence for almost three years felt betrayed at his plea of
      guilty and real support amongst building workers disappeared.

      The Director of Public Prosecutions appealed the sentence as too
      lenient and, at the end of August, the Victorian Appeal Court
      sentenced Johnston to nine months jail, which he is now serving.

      For your further information, the Appeal Court judgement can be found
      at:: http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/vic/VSCA/2004/150.html

      The Political Issues

      The symbolism of that day at Johnston Tiles cannot be overstated.

      Three years after Howard and Reith made the balaclava-masked security
      guard at Patricks an icon of their anti-worker policy, Johnston donned
      the symbol of union busting, a balaclava, and led the violent
      'run-through' at Johnson Tiles and Skilled Engineering.

      Johnston handed Howard a huge weapon with which to isolate and vilify
      the union movement.

      The new Howard government, will no doubt, use the example of Skilled
      Engineering and Johnston Tiles as a justification for further
      anti-union legislation and increased penal powers.

      Despite Johnston's belated plea of guilty in May, a new campaign has
      commenced demanding the immediate release of Craig Johnston the
      "political prisoner".

      A small minority within the union movement supports this campaign
      because they endorse Johnston's mindless militancy and lack of
      working-class politics. This continues the ethos of Norm Gallagher's
      Builders Labourers Federation which ended in the disaster of
      deregistration in 1986.

      The Socialist Alliance is leading this campaign because Johnston is a
      prominent member of the Alliance. It uses the campaign to attack the
      Left leadership of the AMWU and, more broadly, to attack the ALP.

      Socialist Alliance asserts that the ALP and the Left in the unions
      always sell out or mislead workers and so must be exposed and smashed.
      John Howard couldn't agree more!

      While Socialist Alliance calls Craig Johnston a militant working-class
      hero, they also claim that they are for democracy, unity, and women's

      They ignore the rights of innocent workers and pregnant office workers
      to come to work and not be terrorised by balaclava wearing thugs or
      so-called Union leaders misusing their position of power.

      Following the Johnston Tiles disaster, Craig Johnston was accused by
      one of his own women organisers of sexual assault, a matter recently
      resolved in the Federal Magistrates Court. The young woman gave
      evidence against Johnston at an AMWU National Council hearing.
      Johnston, despite being given every opportunity, did not appear in his
      own defence.

      Socialist Alliance is not credible when they assert Johnston is a
      working class hero.

      The Free Craig Johnston Campaign cannot be disentangled from the
      destructive and enormously damaging methods of Workers First.

      Workers First, led by Johnston have:

      1. Attempted to justify violence, bullying and intimidation as
      legitimate union tactics
      2. Led a number of disputes that have resulted In "glorious defeats",
      such as Johnston Tiles
      3. Played a destructive, sectarian and factional role within the AMWU
      4. Sacrificed workers to their concept of uncompromising antagonism.
      5. Blockaded the AMWU offices in Victoria for a month.
      6. Intimidated and marginalised anyone who opposed their tactics.
      7. Created unprecedented and massive financial deficits in the
      Victorian Branch of the AMWU.
      8. Destroyed the AMWU Victorian Branches proud reputation of being
      tough and smart.
      9. Ignored and trampled over the rights of individuals including female
      employees of the AMWU.

      The Way Forward

      Support for the Free Craig Johnston Campaign is not a take it or leave
      it issue. The Howard government is determined to destroy the
      Australian trade union movement. It has already used the findings of
      the Cole Royal Commission into the Building industry to expose the
      vulnerability of the building unions in Victoria. The Free Craig
      Johnston Campaign is a free kick for Howard because it equates
      militant trade unionism to bullying, violence, intimidation and death

      We do not support, and we are not asking you to support, the jailing
      of Craig Johnston. We are not supporting the sentencing actions of the
      criminal courts in this, or other, particular cases. What we are
      asking you to do is to understand that the Free Craig Johnston
      Campaign is a vehicle of the Socialist Alliance to attack the
      leadership of left unions in Australia and to divert us from the unity
      required to combat the attacks of the Howard

      Australian working people need strong militant unions. Genuine
      militant unions are based on the solidarity of men and women members,
      and their families, taking well informed and democratic decisions
      which the public can understand.

      The union movement will only win the coming battle through its own
      solidarity, its determination to fight back, and its credibility with
      the Australian people.

      We urge you to take on board this information about the Free Craig
      Johnston Campaign as you, or your union or community organisation, is
      challenged on this issue in the coming weeks.

      We urge you to discuss the impending attack on workers' rights in your
      own organisation, network and community, and to join in a
      broadly-based campaign against Howard's industrial policy. The
      Australian people can win this important fight if we unite on the
      fundamental principles of democracy, equality and solidarity and we
      are not diverted on the basis of lies, misinformation and political

      Drafted by Unionists Against Violence
      November, 2004
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