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11002Re: Latham's Leichhardt meeting

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  • Peter Boyle
    Nov 24 8:27 PM
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      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, Nick Fredman <sra@s...>
      > >>The Defend Craig Johnson Committee, in a statement that the DSP quotes
      > in Green Left Weekly without comment, says there are many more ALP
      > trade unionist members of the committee than there are members of the
      > Socialist Alliance [last 2 quotes
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GreenLeft_discussion/message/10965 ]
      > ... which merely shows the DSP is involved in a rather effective
      > united front (the point about the lack of comment is entirely
      > unclear, perhaps you're trying to show that GLW is being
      > inconsistent, if so the only inconsistency is with Bob's dishonest
      > caricature of the DSP's position on and tactics towards Labor).
      > Rather rather endless repetitions of the same arguments, let's have
      > some evidence from the real world. Where's all this hostility,
      > suspicion etc among decent Labor activists, what campaigns and
      > struggles has it wrecked? Doug Cameron? You're welcome to that
      > example.
      > --

      Well said, Nick. We are with the workers and the trade union leaders
      who are in struggle (see
      and we understand and implement united front tactics pretty
      effectively in the conditions we face.

      Bob Gould has tried also outrageously to sort to put the DSP and the
      Socialist Alliance in the same boat as that classical Trotskyist sect,
      the Socialist Equality Party (which Gould once joined when it was the
      Socialist Labour League)and hopes that someone on the list has not
      enough context to spot this cheap shot. But a rally like the one in
      Melbourne today shows the difference between serious socialists and
      opinioniated sectarians.

      And Gould should know about the left and eccentricity...because he IS
      an icon in that category and seems to enjoy that role. Folks and

      Gould has no recent significant involvement in building any effective
      united front but has a propensity for writing severely
      fact-challenged, bombastic, self-noting (do an "I" count on his
      article on the Leichhardt meeting), theoretically dubious posts but
      when he is straining to convinnce us that it's fine when it is raining
      (the ALP is going to the left!) he really has to heap on the abuse.
      That is to be expected.

      And his self-appointed attorneys shouldn't bother whining that this is
      too personal or "beneath me". It is demonstrably not the latter and as
      always a couple of lines in response to a Gould-size tirade is totally
      justified on the excellent principle that those who give on the list
      have to be prepared to take some back.

      The totally Philistine references by Shane Hopkinson to "scolding
      scoundrels", and Bob Gould to "sectarianism" and "united front" or
      "united front from below" amaze me. Please study what that great
      socialist said before you throw about ideas you obviously don't

      They should read "Letter to Members of the Politbureau of the C.C.,
      R.C.P.(B.) with Remarks to The Draft Resolution for the First Extended
      Plenary Meeting of the Comintern Executive on Participation in a
      Conference of the Three Internationals"
      <http://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1922/feb/23.htm> before
      saying "scolding scoundrels" again. At least they should realise that
      there is no political cost whatsoever in "scolding" certain scoundrels
      and "scolding" ANY scoundrels in certain circumstances, in Lenin's view!

      Then they should try and understand Lenin's perfectly sound criticism
      of "left-wing communism" in his famous book. And after that, hopefully
      they won't confuse "scolding" and "exposing" and will understand that
      the latter is a neccesary part of (though obviously not all of) the
      permanent work of any serious socialist.

      Then, maybe, there will be the basis of some serious discussion about
      these important political concepts and lessons.

      Peter Boyle
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