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10076Re: An open letter to ALP members on Senate preferences

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  • alex888andra
    Oct 18 2:37 AM
      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, bill weller
      <mikabill@o...> wrote:
      > with all the bickering and big egos its any wonder that the
      > left cant get above 2% of the vote its about time people grew up
      > worked together
      > bill weller

      Yes there is a strong testosterone-fuelled, ego-driven, bullying
      tone from one after another male DSP members who contribute here
      which probably also explains the lack of any female contributors to
      this discussion list.

      Is it bourgeois in origin, Stalinist or what?

      Whatever, it is very unpleasant and as you note, completely
      counterproductive, but therein partly explains the difficulty and
      perhaps ultimate futility of the self-designated socialist left

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