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10075Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: An open letter to ALP members on Senate preferences

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  • bill weller
    Oct 18, 2004
      with all the bickering and big egos its any wonder that the socialist
      left cant get above 2% of the vote its about time people grew up and
      worked together
      bill weller

      bobgould987 wrote:

      > A short answer to Norm, pending a longer one later
      > By Bob Gould
      > The situation from a socialist point of view ebbs and flows in the
      > Labor Party. My polemical material on the Green Left list and
      > elsewhere hasn't been directed mainly at what socialists should do in
      > the ALP or the Greens. It has been directed mainly against a mindless
      > exposure strategy towards the ALP and the Greens, adopted particularly
      > by the DSP and the SEP, and especially towards leftists who continue
      > in the ALP.
      > As Norm points out, I am indeed an individual with a few associates,
      > but I have been around labour movement politics for a very long time,
      > I know a large number of people, and I have a loud voice.
      > It's rather early days yet to talk about rebuilding a serious
      > socialist grouping in the Labor Party. I have chosen to adopt the
      > medium of open letters taking up arguments on key political questions,
      > which isn't a bad way to proceed in the current circumstances. I
      > distribute these letters very widely in ALP circles and on the web.
      > The most relevant of these letters to this discussion are my comment
      > on the NSW local government elections
      > http://members.optushome.com.au/spainter/Greensletter.html two items
      > in advance of the federal elections, commenting on a socialist
      > approach to those elections, including preference policy,
      > http://members.optushome.com.au/spainter/Militant.html and
      > http://members.optushome.com.au/spainter/Electoral.html and going back
      > a bit further, a description of one sort of thing I do in the Labor
      > Party when there's an opportunity
      > http://archives.econ.utah.edu/archives/marxism/2002w39/msg00078.htm
      > I'm open to advice as to what socialists should do in the Labor Party,
      > and I'm interested that Norm now concedes that the Labor Party is a
      > reasonable place to engage in socialist activity.
      > On the basis of past experience of the DSP, which captured the 1971
      > Socialist Left in NSW and then acquiesced in its liquidation, and
      > which had some influence in a small publication called Labor Militant,
      > with which myself and some associates formed a cautious united front
      > in the mid-1980s, it's not my understanding that the DSP has
      > historically been very patient in Labor Party work. Of course things
      > can change, but a good start for the DSP would be to stop abusing
      > leftist ALP members for the very act of being in the ALP.
      > In relation to the Greens, socialists I know who are active in the
      > Greens are cautious in their activities. They have the awful skeletons
      > lying in front of them of the DSP's clamourous and disastrous
      > activities in the Nuclear Disarmament Party, and in the formative
      > stages of the Greens, particularly in NSW.
      > In both instances, the DSP took what were incipient mass movements and
      > attempted to take total organisational control of them at a very early
      > stage, with a big clamour about democracy, with disastrous results.
      > With those experiences in front of them and behind them, it's my
      > impression that socialists in the Greens are justifiably fairly
      > cautious in how they proceed.
      > Obviously, all these questions are up for sensible discussion, and
      > that discussion should proceed without too much rancour.
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