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10073Re: An open letter to Dems members on Senate preferences

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  • Ian Latto
    Oct 18, 2004
      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "dave_r_riley"
      <dhell2@o...> wrote:
      > Unless the Greens can move comfortably into extra parliamentary mode
      > there's not going to be much they can do for the next period. They
      > will be plunged into a half life existence akin to the role yapping
      > Democrats have served over the past so many years.

      The Greens have never held federal balance of federal power.

      So what has changed at this election? The Greens will be playing the
      same role they have for the last three years.

      And unlike the ALP or Dems, Greens have yet to make any of the lethal
      parliamentary compromises. So I don't think the Greens have to adjust
      at all.

      And the Dems still outnumber or equal the Greens in parliament. So the
      Greens have yet to 'take over' the yapping role of the Dems in
      the parliament.

      As the Greens will get one or two more Senators it is more of the
      status quo for the Greens members for the next three years. And that
      suits me well.

      > The other feature of this moment in political time is that the whole
      > inane game of trying to get the socialist left to play up to the ALP
      > has just suffered a massive body blow.

      So true. The ALP have to swing right. And with the demise of the Dems
      that leaves SA, DSP, and Greens on the left.

      The Greens are one place for new activists to choose to plant
      themselves over in the coming years. And if the Greens are not active
      enough then the SA or DSP will benefit.

      The Dems would have had a brighter future if the Greens had of won
      balance of power this election. The Dems really needed to help the
      Greens into balance of power and have them start making those 'tough'

      Now I can't see the Dems climbing out of Andrew's Murray bear pit in
      this term. There are no power differences between Dems and Greens
      dynamics for them to climb with.

      They needed the Greens to start making decisions about legislation as
      a balance of power. What can Allison, Stott-Despoja, Bartlett and
      Murray do in the next term?

      Without the Greens in balance of power, what to the Dems offer that
      the Greens don't? Now the Greens get to keep doing what they have done
      for the last three years. The Greens keep aiming for balance of power.
      But the Dems can't show in this term they are any more independent
      than the Greens.

      The Greens will likely ask for second preferences across the board
      from the ALP next election. Will the ALP give them? I imagine so, as
      they will have swing right and let other parties like the Greens get
      on with 'keeping what's left'.

      I see no way ahead for Allison, Bartlett and Murray in the next term.
      Even Stott-Despoja will struggle to overcome an ALP-Greens second
      preference swap.

      The Dems really needed to help the Greens get into balance of power
      and start making decisions that would be unpopular. This would have
      guaranteed them Greens preferences ahead of the ALP next election.
      This didn't happen. So the result is now much worse for the remaining
      Dems in the senate.

      The Dems would have been better off to help the Greens into balance of

      In conclusion, Andrew Murray has a rare and special talent. He is a
      genius of political party destruction. I pray he never joins the Greens.

      Ian Latto
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