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10058Re: An open letter to ALP members on Senate preferences

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  • alanb1000
    Oct 17, 2004
      "glparramatta" wrote:
      > Bob spends so much time bagging the SA, DSP and other socialist
      > groups' activities and views on this list but rarely informs us of
      > what he thinks socialists like should be doing instead. There is
      > very little evidence that he is carrying on an ideological battle
      > in the ALP at the same intensity that he subjects this list to.

      Well, yeah.

      It hasn't escaped my attention that the polemics against the SA, the
      DSP and so on tend to switch focus whenever they run into
      inconvenient realities.

      A year or two ago, the DSP, in particular, were being criticised for
      being unable/unwilling to engage in open, public and democratic
      discussion over what should be done. Then, when such a discussion
      occurs, the criticism changes to it being overly focussed on the SA
      (and DSP). Apparently, it's sectarian to have a discussion about what
      an actually existing organisation should actually do on the ground.

      This is quite a revealing shift. When the "impossible" actually takes
      place, it is declared to be illegitimate by the very same people who
      were demanding it in the first place.

      The obvious conclusion is that there is a "damned if you do, damned
      if you don't" double standard operating.

      This, of course, is profoundly irritating, so it's hardly surprised
      that people snap at its practitioners. On the other hand, when people
      do so, they are merely sinking to the same sectarian level, so it
      should be avoided. (And I'm a great one to talk!)

      But it is perfectly reasonable to suggest that, if there does need to
      be greater public openness and discussion about the way forward for
      the Left, this openness extends to ALL sections of the Left, not just
      the SA, DSP, ISO etc. Personally, I've described my activities, what
      I hope to come of them, and their shortcomings, so my rear is
      covered. :)

      So, Bob, Shane, and sundry others: what are you doing in the ALP,
      Greens or where ever you are? What are you trying to do? How are you
      trying to do it? What results are you seeing? What (concrete, medium
      term) results do you think are possible? What are the dangers and
      shortcomings of your course? Can we help? How?

      And don't worry about being overly focussed on your outfit's
      organisational needs! Be concrete, instead. We need waffly
      abstractions and pipedreams like we need a hole in the head.

      You will, of course, need to be prepared to defend your position, if
      need be. That's just part of the biz.

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