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The ICCF-18 Hyperoion Demo In Milan -- Not UofM

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  • Sterling Allan
    Hey, in case you re not watching, the Defkalion live demo is taking place right now at http://new.livestream.com/triwu2/Defkalion-US In the first while, they
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2013
      Hey, in case you're not watching, the Defkalion live demo is taking place right now at http://new.livestream.com/triwu2/Defkalion-US 

      In the first while, they took control measurements using argon gas. For the past hour they've been taking measurements with hydrogen gas. The COP is 2.6 and rising. (2.6 times more energy out than what is put in, due to the LENR [aka misnamed "cold fusion"] process.)

      I've been tracking the play-by-play very closely at http://peswiki.com/index.php/Event:2013:July:Defkalion_Demonstrations#Blog
      I think they are doing a great job of being scientific, methodical, careful, and convincing.  Of course I'm an easy sell.
      Matts Lewan is an independent observe on site, taking manual measurements to corroborate the datalogging equipment from National Instruments.

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      Forgive the lack of personalization. I'm writing to you as a member of a list of people who have strong opinions about LENR and I'm assuming you've all been watching the Defkalion tests online today. I'd like to get your comments on the following:

      1. Did you think the DGT test was convincing? If it was, why? If not, what why not?

      2. Do you think it was properly instrumented? If it was, why? If not, what why not?

      3. Do you think that there's a chance that the demo was rigged in any way? If so, how?

      4. What do you conclude from the test?

      5. May I quote you by name?

      Thanks in advance.

      Mark Gibbs.

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