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Fw: Help Todd Palin or another energy hero type guy find this casting call

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  • Sterling Allan
    I ve had quite a few interesting suggestions for a co-host for the Exotic Free Energy Quest reality show. - Mike Nelson, from NASA - Ken Rauen - Jeremy Rys,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2013
      I've had quite a few interesting suggestions for a co-host for the Exotic Free Energy Quest reality show.
      - Mike Nelson, from NASA
      - Ken Rauen
      - Jeremy Rys, AlienScientist
      - Jason Verbelli, of Searl
      - Dale Pond
      - Ken Overcast, www.kenovercast.com

      Below is an email recommending Todd Palin, celebrity husband of Sarah, the US VP candidate from 2008.

      I tried to find his contact info, but have been unsuccessful so far. 
      Meanwhile, here's a new media profile page I created, FYI:
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      Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 1:01 PM
      Subject: FW: Help Todd Palin or another energy hero type guy find this casting call


      Subject: Help Todd Palin or another energy hero type guy find this casting call
      To: thomasdodgson@...
      Sterling - This or something like this could be sent around to networks of liberty loving people.  If you can use this or any part or ideas feel free to do that or edit it as you will.  I don't need any credit.  I just want the best and quickest results possible.  Blessings TGD


      Sterling Allan of a top new 'free' (for the taking) energy web site www.peswiki.com. seeks a quality co-anchor who also is an advocate for better energy now but also is some what of a more traditional (to begin with) thinker in the 'all of the above' better energy now mode.  Sterling, on the other hand, with a bright future envisiones ('Where there is no vision - the people parrish') for himself and his fine family of [4] children, strongly advocates for improvement in better energy however we can get it and as soon as we can get it but bringing in space age super energies into the market in the here and now is at the heart of his driving dream.  The job of the Todd Palin co-anchor type would be to balance out Sterling's cheer-leading Quixotic zeal for the exotic energy quest with a little more (at first) feet on the ground, 'needs more/better prof' perspective.  Both ancors would be exploring and evaluating in an enjoyable friendly and helpful  hands on way exciting new developments.  The main thrust of the show and what all are excited about is the potential that now presents itself of stimulating leap-frogging within the very near future into world changing and world shaking new energy technologies.

      ***A.  All of those who would gain (that's about everyone) by these technologies getting to market quickly:  (1) CLEAN - non polluting - no CO2 etc.  (2) CHEAP - 1/3 to 1/10th or less than traditional energy costs.  (3) JOB/WEALTH CREATING - bigger than computer bubble or gold rush for all.  (4)  OFF THE GRID FREEDOM  (5) Adaptable to vehicles - planes, trains, automobiles, boats, air cars and spaceships.  (5) BETTER LIVING - desalination/abundant clean water - climate controlled homes - home greenhouses -expansion into the riches of space - paying off the national debt etc.  For a quick look at Sterling's 'top 5' +++  picks see  http://peswiki.com/index.php/Top_5_Exotic_Free_Energy_Technologies
      ***B.  Those who would love to have a liberty loving better energy hero type family in the White House in 2016.  The energy bubble is building and BO who has blocked intellegent progres on this front should not be given credit for it and allowed to prance around beating his chest claiming "I did that!"  Todd Palin and family or someone like that should clearly be the national clean/cheap energy hero because they were working hard in the limelite , tirelessly really "doing it." They will have helped publicize better soultions and worked to "bring them on."  The energy bubble will be bigger better and sooner and available to the common man better because of them.  The bubble can be big enough for them to ride it  into the WH and strong enough to shield them from all the cheap shots, lies and dirty tricks that are brought into play by the traditional methods of getting there.  They didn't grind it out on the ground but invented the forward pass and leap frogged over the blocking schemes imposed by TPTB. 
      Please spread the word any way you can!  Please also send this on or making a better version to send on.  If you can get hold ofTodd (or whoever your pick is) let him/her know that this is a time in our history that they should put on their super energy hero outfit and check the casting call out at www.peswiki.com.  
       blessings Thomas Dodgson
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      Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 7:56 PM
      Subject: RE: Help Todd Palin or another energy hero type guy find this casting call

      This 'Casting Call' idea of yours may be used to generate a lot of interest in Your site and also the upcoming TV series featuring the energy journy men questing and stalking the illusive over unity energy technologies;)  Helping to cast it may have a lot of 'sizzel' for a lot of pro-active people getting it propagated on like the net. with some real zeal  by adept and motivated people in the free/better energy community, the Co2 phobic bunch, the want to save the 'can do' attitude/pay off the debt patriot bunch,  Tea Party types, Some religious types, space and future thinkers, job seekers/fortune hunters and on and on.
      I would like to see a grass fire rolling across the land to drive people to your site and to a TV show that is positive and supportive of potential energy breakthroughs.  Some people know how to Twitter effectively.  Some pay a monthy fee to big talkers like Rush L. etc. which should give them more chance of being read with e-mail or letters.  some lesser lights have active face book forms that can be gotten onto with interest catching information.  Some people know political active creative thinkers at the local level that might help take this to the next level to help position a favorite person for high office. etc., etc. etc.
      One of the reasons that I composed the last e-mail as a 'forward around type articl'e was to give you a way to play a pretty strong hand you may have in this regard.  You could edit it, add other things I have said, trim it down etc. and use it in peswiki.com in a humerous way to illustrate what a reclusive older guy is bugging you and his friends and family about getting people involved to make it something that stimulates a maxum of talking and interest thus trying relentlessly to help getting break through thing happening with what he considers the best people fast and furiously while he is still around to take advantage of it. If this is done in a fun way and with the right light touch, it could cause a bunch of your readers to jump in and help spread the word.
       blessings TGD
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