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Sterling on Coast to Coast tonight

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  • Sterling Allan
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        Show Notes for Coast to Coast AM Interview - On the night of December 6, in my interview with host George Noory, I will be analyzing a video of a saucer-like craft intercepting what looks like a U.S. drone as an illustration of a technology alleged to be developed by the Keshe Foundation. We will also address updates on the cold fusion and free energy fronts. (PESN; December 6, 2012)

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      Subject: CoastZone: Treating Alzheimer's/ Soul Healing

      CoastZone Newsletter

      December 6, 2012   Coast Insider Audio

      Treating Alzheimer's:
      In the first half of Wednesday's show, researcher Christian Wilde discussed his analysis of treatments and natural supplements that can help protect against Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as aid in the prevention and treatment of heart disease. According to a new animal study, there's very solid evidence that turmeric's curcumin binds to amyloid plaques (found between nerve cells in the brains of Alzheimer's patients) and dissolves them or keeps them from forming, he reported. Further, a study done at UCLA called for better, safer drugs to treat Alzheimer/dementia patients. One of the researchers at UCLA declared, "if it's not turmeric/curcumin, we need something a lot like it," Wilde reported. He also noted that elderly villagers in India (where turmeric is commonly consumed as a cooking spice) have a very low rate of degenerative brain disease.
      According to a study in the Archives of Neurology, people that eat fish just once a week have a 60% lower chance of developing Alzheimer's, Wilde detailed. There's a 300% increased risk of all dementias if someone's CRP level is elevated in their blood, he continued, suggesting that concerned people could have this factor checked by a blood test with their doctors. Wilde also addressed the successful use of stem cells injected into the heart to treat cardiac problems, and several of his patients phoned-in to share their amazing recovery stories after receiving stem cell treatments.
      Energy Healing:
      In the latter half, hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg talked about soul or energy healing through hypnosis, time travelers, and how we can safely travel to and return from the fifth dimension for our own spiritual growth and healing. The 5th dimension can only be accessed through hypnosis or an altered state of consciousness, he noted. "When I discuss healing, I'm talking about training or introducing the patients' subconscious mind to their higher self or superconscious mind," which is actually a 5th-dimensional experience," he said. The soul healing process is largely about shifting one's perspective in a life-changing way-- "when we love ourselves enough, negative energy patterns will dissipate and the body will actually heal itself," he continued.
      Soul healing can be a useful tool in eliminating such conditions as depression, migraines, and insomnia, as well as for pain control, and life extension, he remarked. Goldberg also shared what he considers as possible evidence for the existence of time travelers, including a 1940 photo that appears to include a 1970s hipster, an "astronaut" carved on a pillar in Salamanca Cathedral in Spain (though some suggest the astronaut was added during a 1992 restoration), and an anomalous carving of a stegosaur on an ancient Cambodian temple (see related images). Time travelers could have carried a hologram of the dinosaur and showed it to the Cambodian artist, he explained.
      'Beyond Belief with George Noory': 
      Check out an excerpt from "Beyond Belief with George Noory", the new weekly online TV show hosted by George Noory, exclusively available from GAIAM TV. The clip features George interviewing Nostradamus expert and longtime Coast guest, John Hogue. To sign-up for a 10-day free trial of GAIAM-TV, and catch the first episode of "Beyond Belief with George Noory" (premiering on Friday, December 14th), go here: gaiamtv.com/George.
      Today in Strangeness:

      On this date in 1884, construction of the Washington Monument was completed, with workers placing a nine-inch aluminum pyramid at the top of the tower. Made of some 36,000 blocks of marble and granite, the monument was the tallest structure in the world at the time. But, back in the 1860s, when construction was halted during the Civil War, Mark Twain described the unfinished monument as looking like a "hollow, oversized chimney."

      Tonight's Show, Thursday, December 6th:

      In the first half, author and astronomer David Darling will discuss various scenarios which could fulfill doomsday predictions for the end of the Mayan calendar and 2013 including near-Earth asteroids, devastating pandemics, and solar kill shots. Then, CEO of Pure Energy Systems Inc., Sterling D. Allan, analyzes video of a saucer-like craft intercepting what looks like a U.S. drone, and will also share updates on the cold fusion and free energy fronts.

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