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Cheri's Debut as Master Energy Worker

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2011
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      Tuesday night, my wife, Cheri went from being an unknown when it comes to energy work to discovering that she is a master, a real natural and powerful energy worker.

      Last Friday morning, May 27, while down on our Safe Haven Villages intentional community project, Cheri's mom, Susan Carter fell and broke her left ankle and severely sprained the right ankle. The doctor said she would most likely need a pin to hold the hairline fracture in place while it healed, being confined for now to a wheel chair.

      [photo pending]

      The next night, Michelle Roberts and several others from the greenhouse/community project stopped by and did some energy work on her. She was amazed at how strongly she felt the work Michelle was doing. She could feel the bone moving. It was very painful.

      The next day, I wrote a Report about the injury and the healing work that was done.

      Tuesday, May 31, when another doctor looked at the new X-ray, he kept looking back and forth between the two X-rays, remarking that the bone had moved 3 millimeters. It seemed to puzzle him, and he ascribed it to probably being the different angle of the X-ray. Susan and Cheri were not puzzled because of the amazing energy work that had been done by Michelle and others.

      Tuesday night Cheri drove Susan to Michelle's to have more work done.

      What ended up happening, though, was that Michelle coached Cheri, and Cheri did the energy work. Last Saturday Cheri had mentioned that she thought she might have the gift, but she had never learned how to use it and didn't know what to do. Acting on her intuition, Michelle then directed Cheri in how to proceed.

      The session went for about an hour and a half, and Susan remarked that Cheri was as strong an energy worker as Michelle -- a master. She said she felt her bones go back to their normal position. The deep throbbing that she had before was gone.

      She was sure, several times that Cheri was physically pushing on her, but when she opened her eyes, she could see that Cheri was not physically touching her, but was pushing energies.

      Continued at the above links.
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