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Action: Have arrest warrants for conspirators drawn up and arrest them!

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  • Sterling Allan
    VERY, VERY SERIOUS. I ve posted the following at: http://beforeitsnews.com/story/407/837/Arrest_the_NWO_Conspirators.html complete with a list of key movers
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2011

      I've posted the following at: http://beforeitsnews.com/story/407/837/Arrest_the_NWO_Conspirators.html 
      complete with a list of key movers and shakers that I've sent a copy of it to.
      I've also just registered http://ArrestConspirators.org and .com and have forwarded it to the above story for now.  I've left a message with Jaron of Infowars.com to approach them about spearheding this initiative.
      I will update that story with links as new information comes in and as I send this to more movers and shakers.


      This email was sent today to the following movers and shakers in the international freedom movement: Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, George Noory, Robert Hender, Steven Greer, Jeff Rense, Joel Skousen, Fred Burks, Linda Moulton Howe
      In the last day or two, Alex Jones has talked about being in the same restaurant with Carl Rove three feet away from him and wondering what he could do, but he eventually left without doing anything but staind and saying for people to hear: "I'm not eating next to the likes of Hitler.  We have a war criminal here.  I'm leaving."  He was disgusted with the dark energy and criminal type of aura Rove exuded.  That's commendable, but we should do much more when we see these guys in public.  Not just protest but actually have them arrested.
      It seems to me like there ought to be a set of legal documents in place, ready to go listing the key conspirators, and having arrest warrants for each, so that someone with balls and sufficient credibility could actually phone the local police or other agencies when these conspirators are seen, to have the documented conspirator arrested for their crimes against humanity and treason against the U.S.

      If the Swiss have the balls to post a warrant for George W. Bush's arrest, we here in the U.S. ought to have the balls to have such against the long list of conspirators who are ruining the planet.  And people in other nations ought to do the same.

      Once one of these could be successfully carried out, complete with arrest and prosecution, that would definitely set a precedent that could mark the beginning of the end of this mess.
      Perhaps the arrest and extradition of Bush to Switzerland could be the first.
      So if someone with balls in the U.S. sees Bush, he/she could contact the necessary local authorities to have him arrested and extradited.
      As police officers become aware of these lists of grievances and the key conspirators tied with solid evidence to these grievances and the justification to have them arrested, more and more of them would be likely to act on such a call and actually arrest the person, despite their public fame.  Think Lindsey Lohan.  Her fame isn't keeping her from arrest and punishment.  And her crime is miniscule compared to these conspirators who are taking the planet down in flames.

      When the local authorities are called, the first question to them would be "do you have an officer for the Republic present?"  That would be code for: "do you guys have the balls to arrest a high-profile conspirator?"

      I like how Alex calls the FBI on the air to report treason; but it seems that this should be more than a token gesture.  There ought to be a list of actionable items, with names and offenses that could officially be entered with the public as witness, to then put these guys on notice; complete with warrant for arrest being issued live on the air so that anyone with balls could then proceed with calling for the person's arrest when they see them in public.
      These conspirators shouldn't be able to show up anywhere in public without worrying about who might see them and have them arrested.
      Their days should be numbered.
      There ought to be an action website drawn up listing the conspirator, their offense, the warrant, and the status: "at large, served, extradited, arrested, court case scheduled, imprisoned, executed".
      I'm not writing this as just another email I'm sending to you my esteemed colleageas.  I'm writing this with all seariousness. 
      Let's get serious!
      Isn't it time?  Isn't it long overdue?
      Please respond with your suggestions.

      • Attorneys with sufficient knowledge and credibility to draw up arrest warrantes.
      • Website and mirror sites with a list of conspirators and warrants ready to go.  To launch this, I've registered http://ArrestConspirators.com and have forwarded it to this story, but I will gladly pass the baton to someone more talented and able to give this the attention it deserves.
      • Police with the courage to make such arrests.
      • Judges with the courage to procecute such arrests.
      • Public with insistance taht such arrests be made and carried to their completion.
      Let's see the republic restored, peacefully!

      Millions of people know about the conspiracy.

      Why don't we do something about it?

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      Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2011 10:17 AM
      Subject: Patriot Act fails on House floor — but it will be back...$20-Trillion War Costs Bankrupting US...Year-Round Gardening at 6,000 Feet
      George Bush issued travel warning by human rights organisations
      , Monday 7 February 2011
      Human rights groups have vowed to track George W Bush round the world after their success in forcing him to cancel a trip to Switzerland amid concerns over protests and a threatened arrest warrant.
      Katherine Gallagher, a lawyer with the New York-based Centre for Constitutional Rights, said: "The reach of the convention against
      torture is wide. This case is prepared and will be waiting for him wherever he travels next.
      "Torturers, even if they are former presidents of the
      United States, must be held to account and prosecuted."
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