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Herendair's recent visions

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    PREFACE NOTE: While Ranae may have made some accurate predictions, she has also made predictions that have not happened -- yet, thankfully; possibly a function
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      PREFACE NOTE: While Ranae may have made some accurate predictions, she has also made predictions that have not happened -- yet, thankfully; possibly a function of agency. 
      Think of it as probable futures.
      As for me, I prefer to focus on solutions, not on probable disasters (of which there are a zillion).
      Bottom line: It never hurts to be prepared for things like this, but don't go into panic mode, don't go into fear, and don't do rash things.  Proper preparation should make you as ready today as five years from now.
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      Sent: Sunday, June 01, 2008 9:43 AM
      Subject: Herendair's Latest & her speaking SUN 6/01 in PROVO UT @ 6PM

      HEY ALL: 


      Hello Everyone interested in hearing Ranae Lee speak...the location in Mapleton Sunday Eve. has CHANGED to:   
               Ranae Lee         
        East Bay Golf Club  on south side is Golf Course 6:00 p.m. 1860 So.Provo
      I-15 Exit 263 going East at light onto 1860 So. 2-3 blocks
       Randy Klimt

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      Thanks you guys, I really appreaciate your understanding. I just
      hope that I am wrong. The last thing I want right now is to have
      this thing validated by the event actually happening... It has been
      so hard for me to think that we could see something like this happen
      and to talk about it. I was praying for peace the other day and just
      crying about it. The spirit came very strong and I heard. "This is
      why you have the gifts.... so you can help others prepare." Even so,
      it really weighs heavy on my soul. But I care about others and I
      just couldn't remain silent... Thanks again for your loving
      support... Herendair

      mailto:LAST-DAYS@yahoogroups.commailto:LAST-DAYS@yahoogroups.commailto:LAST-DAYS@yahoogroups.com"herendair" <herendair@...> wrote:

      Here's the rest of the things I was shown. I saw a lot of tornado's
      in the mid west during these events. .I was told that the main reason
      they are doing this is to get people really hyped up to go to war
      with Iran. I think they will take out as much of the power grid as
      possible, as well as fuel and cause radiation. I was told to prepare
      in certin ways. Keep gas tanks filled as well as spare ones. Some
      places well be evacuated so have trasnportation alternatives... four
      wheelers, bikes etc.... Better yet. if you need to get somewhere go
      before the event, per prayer. I did see mass evacuations of areas
      and blockaides of other areas, so It may be hard to travel. Get
      generators in good working condition, full of fuel and make sure
      there is adequite ventilation. Fill every water container you have.
      Even kids swimming pools for use in cleaning and flushing toilets.
      presurized water could be out in some places. ( I think they may
      take out some dams possibly like hoover) plan for no, or sporatic
      electricity. It will still be cold at least where I am and I was
      told to have an adequite heating source.I plan on wood for heat and
      cooking.I was told to have alot of no cook and instant energy food
      on hand as well as bottled water..have cars packed with blankets and
      emergency kits.I asked if evacuations to mt's was a good idea. I was
      told no not yet that it was too cold, but that may apply just to
      me. I was told to plant our garden now.. even in the cold.. ( I've
      been warned to do a really big one this year because things could
      really get rocking this fall.Have 72 hr kits ready and extra meds.
      keep personal info in reach to grab and run, like picture I.d. and
      birth certificates. I was told to go through our emergency supplies
      and do an inventory now. Get medical things up to date. like
      bandages meds etc...
      Plan for:
      massive power failures where they cannot divert it to other grids
      like they do now. Have your own back up system.
      No water, or no pressure. Have your own source.
      No fuel or no electricity to pump it out of the ground.
      National press conference and possible national emergency.
      Martial law in areas, Small towns not as effected.
      Blockaids, no travel, especially around big cities and
      transportation areas.
      Air travel grounded.
      Communications as well as cell phone interruption.
      Lip service Call by gov. to start up refineries... ( Mock intent)
      Radiation in certain areas. Plan accordingly. With iodine pills,
      medical supplies and ways to seal up homes.
      military call up for those in current service, as well as retired personel.. and possible draft. ( this may come over a few weeks
      time, not sure...)nat guard called for martial law.
      Isolation or quarentine within your home.
      This next one I'm adding. They didn't show it to me, but I've had
      several feelings it could happen in this time frame.. it's a hunch
      and Docs post kind of validates it.
      I think we could see some bio sickness. 1918 type... I'm not
      sure but Id be prepared anyway.
      Clandestine power plays in order to impliment certain agenda's.
      I was told the worst of it would last about 3 weeks, but the
      consequences could last the entire sumer and even longer of
      course...i think we might have about one good month before things in
      teh fall really pick up with the economic collapse and then the big
      e.q. not to mention political troubles.. I.E. new or temp pres. and
      power play's..
      well thats is all I can think of for now... if any one has
      validation I'd appreciate it. Also I think that everyone could help
      eachother plan accordingly with ideas and concerns. I hope everyone
      will pray about what I have shared and see how you are inspired...
      Thanks for listening. I really had a hard time posting this, but I
      care about everyone and I'd rather be called a fool that to see
      people suffer.
      May the Lord bless and inspire you all, thanks... Herendair


      " <herendair@...> wrote: POSTED SUN MAY 25, 2008 @ 11:51PM

      i all, I've been avoiding writing this all day.I've been asked to
      share something with the group, so here goes. Most of you, at least
      the ones who know me have read some of the things I've posted in the
      past. I've had a few experiences in the last several weeks since
      conference, and the time has come to share. Immediately following
      conference I had an experience of a very unusual nature. I won't go
      into all of the details, except to say that the battle between good
      and evil is worse than it has ever been and each person on this
      earth influences the whole on both sides of the veil for good or
      bad, with their decisions.The battle is really raging and they are
      gathering the armies. That is why so many innocent people are dying
      in natural disasters.having their work done is relly important, they
      are able to have more power for the war...the waring angels are
      really getting tired... I was told that it is imparative that people
      know who their ancestors are so they can call on their help with the
      things that are comming. I was shown that in six months things will
      never be the same again. Life as we know it will be changed. ( that
      was on April 6th).
      I was told that food will be really hard to get and that their will be a problem near end of May or toward the first weeks of June.They
      also refenced something about the stock houses.. I remembered this
      froms omething they had shown me in the past but wasn't sure what it
      was. Since then I've been waiting and watching and telling people to
      get ready.
      I know that I'm not the greatest at timelines. And agency always
      influences these things. But every time those on the other side,
      have spoken of this comming event, their words have come with such
      The other day I was told to write down all of the things I've
      been shown that have now happened. The list got up to 22 and was
      still going when I stopped.
      Yesterday, [SAT MAY 24, 2008] another experience I had, just reinforced this
      further.I had a friend come over to ask a few questions, and
      inferred that through some connections he had.. there were hints
      from those in the know, that something big was comming down in the
      next two weeks. Later in the day I was engaged in doing my household
      duties, and My decieced father came to me. I was so busy that his
      visit really surprised me as it doesn't happen very often, even with
      my unusual experiences. He was very concerned about my family, both
      immediate as well as extended, and gave me some very specific
      instructions. He too, said that in two weeks difficult times would
      be happening. I asked if he could tell me what it was and he said
      no... that I would have to pray and ask the Lord.I did so
      immediately after his visit and was given sooooo much more.I've
      worried all night and all day today. But I just have to share.
      I was taken to the other side...whether it's in the mind or spirit I
      don't know. There I was taken to the coucil chambers, a red brick
      colonial looking building with white pillars, lots of front stairs
      and two huge double doors. Inside it is like a courtroom and the
      bretheren sit at a half circle table. I won't say who was in charge,
      but they began to show me things on a large screen behind the
      podium. One of the first things I saw was a diesel rig with a missle
      on the back...then I saw again nuclear power plants... the white
      towers..and a plane crashing into them. I saw a map of the u.s. and
      that these things were happening all over the nation.They showed me
      alot more.. but mainly they referred me to an old post I made three
      years ago and said... go read it again. I did, it was identical to
      what they were showing me.I was told that these things are comming
      soon.. I think in the next two or three weeks.I'll just share the
      old post again and then go in to more of the details. Here's the old
      post..."I saw our president in a meeting in the White House. He was
      at the head of a table with several other officials. Behind him
      stood a very dark man in a dark suit. The Lord asked, "Do you know
      who this is?" I knew who he was, he was the head of the Illuminati. Attached to the president's elbows were cords and the man behind him
      was pulling those cords again like a puppet master.This meeting was
      over how to protect our nations resources durring the economic
      collapse that was comming..( I'll refer to this more later)
      Next I saw long lines at the gas pumps and people fighting over
      it.First it was $4.75 a gallon then $5.65 in places. I saw a
      refinery that was trying to get up and going. I saw one puff of
      white smoke come out of it's stack then it was as if everything
      froze. I looked at the Lord. I thought I was struggling to see.He
      told me no, that I was seeing things as they were. In other words,
      things would be stopped for a time, frozen if you will. It was like
      the whole nation was holding hit's breath.I did see a truckers
      strike and they too were frozen. ( this may have happened already on
      a small scale) Next I saw a large nuclear power plant in one of the
      southwestern states. It was in the southeast corner of that state.(
      I have more precice details now.)I saw a small plane hit the white
      tower causing an explosion. This I saw repeated over and over at
      power plants across the nation.( these were very well timed and
      orchestrated to coincide with the others)Next I saw this happening
      to refineries all over our nation( as well as power plants and the
      reason is to make our nation completely reliant on foreign oil as
      well as start a war with Iran...This is an orchestrated event, that
      is meant to be much like 911 was.)
      I don't know where the current power plants are now but I did see
      and hear certain names and places that were affected.Seattle,
      Albuquerque, Des Moine's Iowa, the south east portion of Tennesee, a
      place called Lakeland( I think in Florida), Ohio(middle southwest.)
      Bridgeport Maine, Michigan, virginia, and North carolina as well as
      California and Nevada ( near hoover dam area.)I also saw a large
      event near ST. Louis. ( some were suitcase nukes blowing up.I think
      this was why I saw the missle on the truck at first... the other
      damage came form the small planes.) These attacks were strategicly
      placed to send radiation all over the nation.( I saw people in
      hospitals and mass evacuations.)Lots of distruction and chaos.I saw
      people camping and holding guns.MARTIAL LAW WAS DECLAIRED.I saw bin
      laden's face and I knew that he was laughing at our country. He was
      following the orders of others and the blame was going to be on him
      and his group.After the oil refineries were blown up I saw an oil
      pipe line in Turkey and Iran.This was suspended up in the air, soon
      it was broken and leaking spilling the precious oil all over the
      ground.President Bush called for a press conference and delaired an
      national emergency.A new draft was put in to effect as well as the
      new i.D....( this may bring some of the overseas missionaries home.)
      Young boys and even girls were lining up everywhere and joining the
      military.. While we are struggling china and russia are building up behind our backs and waiting for our weak moment.But their strike
      won't happen for a few years yet i feel.
      I saw what the Lord called the Stock house. I felt it was the
      stock market, but was told no... He said that the U.S. Trade
      Commission was was securing foreign loans from other countries to
      pay for the war( with Iran and ties to Syria) just for our nation to
      survive. ( I now know what the stock house is referring to, and will
      try to explain...the stock house is our nations collateral reserves.
      The dollar has become valueless and so in order to secure the
      foreign loans they want us to colateralize the loans with real
      resourses. Fuel, food and commodoties! The idea that all of our
      grain has gone to geo fuels is just a ruse.. our grain and resourses
      have been promised to other countries and probably sits in
      warehouses. They are using hedge betting in the sum of 500 trillion
      dollars on derivitives. This is under the table betting at the
      highest government levels that goes unreported, it is why Bear
      Sterns went under. Example: they report on the books only 5 cents on
      the dollar but if they loose the bet they pay the full amount... So
      our country is betting the farm literaly! Why else will china and
      russia come to collect on the bet later on...) Yesterday, I asked a
      friend to watch the stock market and what he reported to me, was
      very interresting. He said that congress is talking of nationalising
      our fuel reserves.... making it no longer a private business as well
      as they are thinking of opening up the anwar reserves in
      Alaska...this wont change anything if our oil is already tied up in
      bad bets.. so a great big diversion would really help the ptb right
      now.)there is more I was shown, one thing in particular. I asked if
      the E.q. in china was natural , It was! Then I asked about
      Mayanmar.. the disaster there was not natural... I was told the the
      nwo is now putting pressure on all the smaller nations that won't
      dance to their tune. That is why mayanmar wont let help in. As I was
      seeing these things they called the nwo the " United Emmerates of
      Nations" I think "emmerates" may refer to royal bloodline's of
      those at the top. I was told to keep an eye on the stock market..
      and it would give hints as to what is going to happen and when.
      Before 911 alot of trading went on with the insiders and we could
      see the same again. This is so long I'll end for now but I will tell
      you later what they asked me to be prepared for. Thanks for
      listening and please forgive the type-o's.. Herendair

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