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effect of Ron Paul brochures and canvassing

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      This makes me feel good, like maybe my efforts in Eagle Mountain paid off.  While Dr. Paul only got 3% of the vote in the state, he got 12.32% in Eagle Mountain.
      On election day, during lunch, when there was a crunch of voters, I stood out in front of the voting place and handed out Ron Paul brochures saying "I encourage you to vote for Ron Paul".  I was surprised at how many looked like they would actually consider it -- this late in the game, walking toward the door to go vote.  I didn't count, but I would guess that I passed out around 50-70 brochures.  I did a few at around 5:00 pm as well.
      At first, I was thinking "150 feet from the door", and I was passing them out on the sidewalk in front of the school.  But then I was told "150 feet from the building", so I went and stood out by where cars pull into one of the parking lots, and had cars roll down their windows.  Then I was told that the county said I would be okay if I stood on the other side of the road, so I stood in the cross walk in front of where people were pulling in and waved for cars to stop and take the brochure.  I would say I was able to get one in three cars to stop.
      I can't help but think what would have happened if I had done this all day long, instead of just over an hour.
      I imagine the 8 hours I put in canvassing Eagle Mountain door to door with three other guys a week ago probably helped too.
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      Subject: [ronpaul-192] Utah Primary Election Results

      Yesterday, Utah's Republicans voted for their preferred Presidential candidate in a statewide primary election. At present, according to CNN, 99% of Utah's precincts have now reported their results, which are as follows:

      #1 Romney (90%)
      #2 McCain (5%)
      #3 Paul (3%)
      #4 Huckabee (2%)

      Mitt Romney fared best of all right here in Utah County, receiving 94% of votes, and worst in Grand County (around Moab), receiving 66% of votes. Although Ron Paul placed third statewide, he placed second in four Utah counties, namely our own Romney County (er, I mean, Utah County) with 3%, Sanpete County with 5%, Millard County with 7%, and Juab County with 9%, which was his highest percentage in any Utah county.

      Although Ron Paul received 3% of votes countywide, he fared far better in some individual precincts than in others. Here are those Utah County precincts in which he received at least 10% support: Lehi 08S (10.00%), Springville 12 (10.91%), Genola 01 (11.26%), Eagle Mountain 06 (12.32%), Provo 48 (12.50%), and Santaquin 02 (13.96%). Hey, Brian Hall, Ben Smith, and Joel Flaker, what did you three do so incredibly well there in your Santaquin precinct? I'll try to send individual precinct reports via e-mail to as many of you as I can.

      In Utah, as in most other states, Dr. Paul drew some of his strongest support from younger voters, self-described "independent" voters (who are in rather large supply in Utah), folks who are unhappy with Bush, folks who oppose our government's involvement in Iraq, folks who are concerned about our nation's economy, et cetera. In examining Utah's exit poll results, I was surprised by how many folks decided to vote for Dr. Paul within one week before this election!

      Utah's Republican Party gets to provide 36 of the 2,380 national delegates who will attend this year's Republican National Convention. Of these 36, 3 will be state party leaders while 33 will be chosen by a convention of state delegates, who will be chosen during Utah's precinct caucuses on March 25th. All 36 of Utah's Republican national delegates will be bound by Utah Republican Party by-laws to vote, on their first Republican National Convention ballot, for whichever candidate received the most votes in this primary election (which, in this case, is Mitt Romney by a landslide); after this first ballot, however, they will be free to vote for whomever they please.

      In this primary election, about 35% of all of Utah County's 181,166 registered voters voted. Wow!!! Ah, if only Ron Paul were LDS... In any case, if you thought that turnout seemed far heavier than usual yesterday, then you weren't imagining things. With luck, we won't face this same Romney swarm at Utah's precinct caucuses that we did in Utah's primary elections, since Romney's name won't be on any ballots there. In fact, we could potentially have many advantages at these precinct caucuses that Ron Paul didn't have in this primary election.

      If you're curious to learn more, then you can learn about Utah's Republican Presidential nominating process here via The Green Pages, you can study Utah's primary election results either here via CNN (including exit poll results) or here via Utah's state government, and you can examine Utah County's primary election results here via Utah County's government.

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