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polluted food; 911 oblivion

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    polluted food; 911 oblivion Hi HMG, Thanks for your comments. It arrived as I was listening to the LDS Gen. Conference broadcast. I m not listening to be
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      polluted food; 911 oblivion

      Hi HMG,
      Thanks for your comments.  It arrived as I was listening to the LDS Gen. Conference broadcast.
      I'm not listening to be instructed, but more to check in on the pulse of Mormonism.
      As soon as the talks begin, my spirit revolts.  It's still the same ol' same ol'.
      The tables being filled with vomit and excrement, in my opinion, is not just a statement of the non-nutritional value, but is a metaphor to say that it is the same thing regurgitated over and over.  Nothing new.
      The new general authorities only repeat what the old ones have said, with their new twists; but the substance is the same -- regurgitation.
      One steeped in Mormonism learns how to go to General Conference and bask in what is being said, as if it is being said for the first time.  They walk away as if edified, and rave about how good it was.
      This conference has everyone so excited to find out who the new member of the First Presidency will be, and who will come into the Quorum of 12, if the FP selection isn't from outside the existing body.  This is sheer excitement.  I agree that it does have a curiosity factor, but I find it quite telling that this is about as exciting as things get.
      When asked about modern revelation, members point to the "Proclamation on the Family", which many frame and hang in their homes.  I've even seen it framed in public buildings in Utah.
      That's not revelation of something new, its a fairly good statement of belief that has been held for centuries by Christians.
      Meanwhile, the nation is headed by a man who is part of a Neocon cabal who propagated the atrocities on their own people on 9/11, and the atrocities continue.  Each minute, the country spends $500,000 on a war over oil.  And so forth, yet Utah's approval of President Bush is ahead of most any other state in the nation.  Draconian laws are being put in place that limit our freedoms more and more, bringing about an Orwellian Police state.  Why?  Because the sleeping shepherds who the people look to for guidance say nothing about this subject that would shed any light on the perfidy.
      The Saints were supposed to establish a world government of God that would protect the freedom of all mankind (including the right to believe as one will, and to pursue one's dream as long as it doesn't impinge on the freedom of others), but instead they are part of supporting the establishment of the reign of the beast by not speaking against it, giving the impression that they don't have any problem with it, and hence implying their support of the Beast.
      The Mormons are rejecting the political component of God as clearly as the Jews of old rejected the gospel component of God.
      The salt has lost its savor and is good for nothing but to be trodden under feet of men -- which is what will surely happen if things continue as they are.
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      Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2007 9:41 AM
      Subject: [GT_Isaiah] polluted food

      This forum seems to be little past dead, so I will breathe a little
      breath into it.
      I've been thinking about how the members of the church seem to be a
      little better than the world, but not much. Many have adopted many of
      the dress standards, mannerisms, desires for the things of Babylon,
      the education of Babylon so that they generally are not a whole lot
      different than society around them. Not so as to stand out too much,
      The leader of the church has stressed the church becoming a mainstream
      church. I'm not sure what he means by "mainstream" , but it seems to me
      that he is wanting the church to fit in with the world. Whatever
      happened to being a peculiar people--a people who stand out from the
      world because they are morally different?

      One of our daughters had been homeschooled for the past 9 years and
      desired to go back to public school. She was tired of not having
      friends and tired of the sameness of learning on her own. She wanted
      to be in cross country running and join band and to see what it was
      like at a government high school. Because her mind was so set on it,
      we let her enroll.

      People have rationalized that it is a good thing for good kids to
      associate with those that are not so good, so that the good kids can
      bring the bad kids up to a higher level. What those people don't
      realize is that it is as the Lord has said, "bad character corrupt
      good company." It's not usually the other way around. A person tends
      to want to fit in with those they are with. That is one reason we
      didn't want her back there. It takes a strong person to resist peer

      Our daughter has noticed that most of the kids at the school--most,
      but not all; there are still a few good kids who are strong--have the
      same dress standards as the world. They talk like those they see in
      the R rated movies they like to watch. They don't go to school to
      learn. They go to have a social life.They are generally loud,
      boistrous, and disrespectful of the teachers.
      Our daughter went there with enthusiasm for learning and a desire to
      round out her home school education with exposure to more instruction
      than she had been given at home. She found, though, that many of the
      teachers don't like to teach. They either sit in their office most of
      the class time, or they come to class late, or they don't show up at
      all, or they just put in a movie for the class to watch. She overheard
      one of her teachers complaining to another teacher that " I just can't
      teach; hese kids just don't want to learn." And yet he didn't even
      try. The teachers who are enthused about the subjects they teach are
      few in number.

      Another homeschooled daughter has found the same things going on in
      her classes. The kids don't want to learn, and the teachers don't want
      to teach. Both of my kids are working hard. But basically they are
      stuldying on their own, just as if they had stayed at home and done as
      they were already doing. And in some classes, because most of the kids
      don't know even the basics, the classes have been dummed down, so
      those who are advanced are bored.

      The rising generation has grown up with an I don't care attitude
      toward learning. They have been burned out by years of school, stating
      at age three when they were put in pre-school. After that came
      Headstart. After that came kindergarten. And after first grade their
      enthusiasm for learning had dried up. Creativity was squelched, in the
      system's zeal of stuffing facts into little heads.

      Our two kids who went to public school to learn are finding that
      little learning takes place. It's all about memorizing facts to
      regurgitate on tests, which facts are usually quickly forgotten
      because the students interest in them was not ignited, or they did not
      have a desire to learn them in the first place because they did not
      see an application for them;there was no nail to attached the learning to.
      It's all a bunch of fill- in- the- blank handouts and tests, because
      that is easier method than a teacher having to prepare lessons plans
      every night and then lecture seven different classes throughout the
      day. In a way, there is something to the old fashioned one-room

      Where are the role models, the heroes, teachers who are excited about
      the subjects they teach and who inspire the learners to higher levels?
      Because the teachers are not excited about their subjects, and they
      don't dare discipline the rowdy kids, they are stopped in being able
      to deliver anything they have prepared, if they even prepared.
      Many of the students have an attitude that they are so special they
      can do what they want, so order breaks down.

      The Federal standards of education have been dumbed down so far that
      our daughters who were taught at home all their lives have found that
      they are way ahead when they go back there--ahead morally and in being
      able to apply themselves to study.
      They had expected they would receive much more and they are receiving
      much less, particularly in the area of a good, moral environment. The
      environmnet is just not what God's children should be in. Because
      education has separated God from all learning, the young people are
      learning secular knowledge without a proper religious worldview. Many
      kids, today, are becoming educated barbarians, as one great person
      said would be the case if God were ever removed from education.

      What does this have to do with the study of Isaiah?
      Well, as far as I've determined in the case of our children going back
      to public school, all tables there are full of vomit and excrement, as
      Isaiah described of the religious learning of God's people in the last
      days. His words generally apply to the religious education of God's
      people, but I see them as applying to secular learning, as well.

      Our children are not only being polluted by peers who have low morals,
      and by the government mandated curriculum sources, but by teachers
      who also have lower morals because they were also taught in the same
      environments and because their religious education is lacking.
      My daughter who decided to finish her last year at the high school
      has found that some teachers' morals are little better than most of
      the kids; the teachers tell off-colored jokes and comments and
      generally are just not up to what she expected of teachers, morally.
      She has been disapoointed in classes where the students are relieved
      when the teacher puts in a movie, leaves the class, or sits in her
      office all during class and leaves the students up to their own
      devices. Our daughter says the kids just don't go there to learn. They
      just want to play.
      And we live in a predominanatly LDS community and all our local school
      teachers are members of the church who should be setting a better
      standard for the students.

      Isaiah speaks of religious leaders giving their followers polluted
      food, which food is metaphorically spiritual education. Or, as Giledai
      translates, they are giving food contaminated with excrement--totally
      worthless materials.

      Many of our government schools, especially in Utah, are taught by
      local people who are also religious leaders and teachers. I see
      Isaiah's prophecy as not only having application to religious leaders
      at church, but religious leaders in the education field--middle and
      high school on up to the universities.
      These leaders have been given religious and secular education in the
      same manner as they then teach others. Thus, everyone is dying of
      spiritual malnutrition. Indeed, there is a famine in the land for
      hearing the word of the Lord. Not only it this hearing something done
      on the part of the listener, but the hearing is not taking place
      because God's word not even there for the people to listen to

      Paul lamented that when God's people ought to be teachers, "ye have
      need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the
      oracles of God; and are become as such as have need of milk, and not
      of strong meat." Hebrews 5:12
      "Babes", or those teachers who are unlearned in the word of God, are
      teaching our children.

      This links to Isaiah's cry of who can God teach and give revelation?
      "Weanlings weaned from milk, those just taken from the breast?" Isa 28:9

      The church teaches that God wants to teach us line upon line, line
      upon line, precept upon precept, precept upon precept.
      God is really saying that He desires to teach his people more. They
      have not learned to live more than the basics so they don't desire
      more. They are content with the over and over and over learning of the
      same things instead of moving on "to the high calling in Christ Jesus".
      The teachers, who have not learned as they ought are teaching others
      in the same fashion and so each generation gets dumbed down more and more.

      Indeed we are as in the days of Nephi when he lamented:
      " Wo be unto him that shall say: We have received the word of God and
      we need no more of the word of God, for we have enough!" 2 Ne 28:29
      The church leader even said as much in a public interview on TV when
      he was asked about revelation and he replied that we didn't need more
      revelaton: "We already have a great body of revelaition given to us by
      Jospeh Smith."
      Because people believe they have the truth, they desire no more truth.
      They are afraid of more. They are like the pharisees and sadducees of
      Jesus day whom he described as not going through the gate into the
      kingdom and they don't allow others to go in, either.

      When God said,in other scripture passages, that He would deliver line
      upon line and precept upon precept, here a little and there a little,
      He also qualified those statements with "holding forth that which is
      to come, confirming our hope." D&C 128:21
      In other words, He does teach line upon line, but that is so that His
      people will learn and grow and then arrive at the point where He can
      give them direct revelation.

      If the Lord's people accept and live the precepts He has given, He has
      promised more. But if they reject His precepts and cease living them
      as they ought, He withholds more, until they are eventaully left
      without revelation. Just as Isaiah describes of his latter-day
      prophets and leaders who would be blind and have their heads covered.

      When one believes they have all they need, and desire no more, they
      then receive less and less.
      They don't understand Pauls' words which state that once we have
      learned the beginning milk of the gospel we are to leave off learning
      those things over and over and progress on to higher things.

      But, as I see it, in the secular education of our children, as well as
      the religious, the Lord's people are standing still, or going
      backward, since they no longer receive revelation. Eventually, unless
      there is mass repentance, it will be as Isaiah says, the Lord will
      have to teach His people in a language they will listen to when He
      speaks to them by speech which is "incomprehensible" , when the
      Assyrians are allowed to invade to humble the people.

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