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      I just received this earlier today with no known author.  Things like this tend to be that way.  I have read through this and find it very interesting. 
      Christ’s church was organized in these latter days in the year 1830. Subtract that from 2006 and you get 176 years. See if we have the same exact conditions in our nation and church as compared to the Book of Mormon record. It’s spooky to say the least. Is this book for our times or what?
      ALMAS CHURCH (lasted 177 years)
      Alma’s church was organized and established in 147BC (see Mosiah 18:17). Alma’s church was broken up or destroyed in 30AD (see 3 Nephi 6:14). That brings us to the fact that Alma’s church only lasted 177 years from it’s organization to it’s full stage of apostasy and destruction. It’s important to looks at why this occurred. The Book of Mormon record tells us that pride and boastings came about because of exceedingly great riches and prosperity (3 Nephi 6:10). It was a society of commerce with many merchants, lawyers and officers in the land (3 Nephi 6:11). People were also distinguished ranks according to their riches “and” chances for learning (college) while others were not as successful in this market because of a lack of learning or opportunities for schooling (3 Nephi 6:12). The rest of this chapter tells us that it was the lawyers and judges that prospered in this society and they were the eventual cause of the Nephites federal governments destruction (3 Nephi 26, 27:6). After the government collapsed they all broke into tribes and hated one another “but” they were united on one point. They wanted there federal government back (3 Nephi 7:11). So we see that in the same year that the church fell into full-scale apostasy the government of the land also failed in the same year.
      This great prophet who was the forerunner for Christ among the Nephites was visited by angels, heard the voice of the Lord, was an eye witness and had power bestowed upon him concerning the ministry of Christ. He declared the doctrines of Christ to people that were hard hearted and blind in their minds. He preached boldly and with strong teachings. The people were angry with him of course for not being politically correct (cross-reference to Helaman 13:25-29) and because he had more convincing power then orthodox priests and leaders. Angels visited him on a daily basis. He was able to cast out devils and unclean spirits and even raised his own brother from the dead! He performed many more miracles. Still few were converted and denied following this great prophet. Those who did believe testified boldly to non-believers and performed miracles themselves. These new members and followers of Christ through the prophet Nephi were baptized or possibly rebaptized. This prophet made no mistakes in the reckoning of years and the people did look forward with anxiousness to the signs of Christ’s appearance unto them. The people all disagreed about the signs and time of Christ’s coming despite the many signs that had been given. Then on Jan 4th 34AD the earth begins to become a complete disaster zone. This all happened before the ending of 34 AD (3 Nephi 10:18) and must have lasted many months not over a few nights as most think. See 3 Nephi 7:15 – 3 Nephi 8:4 for sources on the above commentary. For the natural disasters see 3 Nephi 8:5 – 3 Nephi
      CHRIST’S CHURCH (lasted 176 years)
      Christ’s church is organized all through 3 Nephi 11 up to chapter 27. See specifically 3 Nephi 26:1 and chapter 27. Let’s see how long this church lasted and what caused its eventual apostasy. 4 Nephi starts out with the people doing pretty well but then it turns mid chapter. In verse 23 we learn that the people had prospered and became exceedingly rich (here we go again, right). Pride, costly apparel, fine pearls and commonality or the united order had been abandoned (4 Nephi 1:24-25). They were big time church builders and must have had a chapel on every corner because there were “many” in the land. The church “professed” to know Christ but denied the more parts of the gospel (lunch room gospel, take what you want and leave the rest out). They gave sacred things to people that shouldn’t have because of unworthiness (temple rights perhaps?). As brother Nibley has well stated this chapter points out that there were those who professed to belong to the church of Christ and those who really did. Well the wanta-bees of course persecuted the original twelve that Christ chose and who were extremely old at this point. The people hardened their hearts and were led by many false priests and false prophets “to build up many churches” (4 Nephi 1:23-34). Hmm….sounds familiar. There was a split in the Church (Nephi 4 1: 35-39).  We are again reminded that their full focus was to build churches in verse 41. Riches were the name of the game (verse 43). It was a commerce society that was apparently booming (verse 46)..

      Then not many years after Christ’s church apostatized we know exactly what happens to them according to Mormon and Moroni’s records. Mormon 8 is Moroni’s record to the latter day gentile church (LDS church) warning us against every single thing mentioned above which caused the failure of our Lord’s previous churches on this continent. Watch and learn is the message of Moroni. The power of God is denied and churches are defiled because of pride. The church leaders are very prideful and the members envy them (some day I’ll be a mission president or GA etc). Destruction and pollution are seen across the whole earth (Mormon 8:28-31). For money all your sins and worries will go away is the doctrine of these leaders (Mormon 8:32). Again we find church builders like McDonalds builds restaurants (Mormon 8:33). The scriptures are modified or transformed (Mormon 8:33, compare 1981 scripture changes to LDS canon). Then Moroni gives his famous speech to the latter day gentile church (Mormon 8:35-38). Note that Moroni uses the same exact words to the latter day gentiles, as were the words of Samuel the Lamanite to the Nephites. “Behold the sword of vengeance hangeth over you” (Mormon 8:41 cr. Helaman 13:5). Well we know what happened to the Nephites already and our D&C confirms this message (D&C 38:39).
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