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Prof. Jones exposes 9/11 as an inside job by perps in the U.S. Administration

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    I attended the lecture Wednesday night at the Utah Valley Community College by Professor Steven E. Jones from BYU, who has inched his way into mainstream media
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2006
      I attended the lecture Wednesday night at the Utah Valley Community College by Professor Steven E. Jones from BYU, who has inched his way into mainstream media in the past few months by presenting evidence that 9/11 was an inside job.

      Arriving a few minutes late, I stood just two people away from David Cleveland (sender of message below) who was in the back.  He was one of probably 20 other people along the back with camera tripods filming the event.  It was a monumental presentation to an abundantly overflowing crowd of activist/patriots who are practiced in not staying quiet about what they know.
      Jones presented a long list of solid evidences that must be brought before the American people and arraigned in a court to bring the conspirators to justice who perpetrated 9/11 from the inside for nefarious purposes.
      Consider the facts that he and the 50+ academicians he is working with are bringing forward, not the propaganda that has been hoisted upon us.
      Those towers were felled by pre-positioned U.S. military-grade explosives, that would have taken just ten men ten trips to put in place, for a controlled demolition, in the week-end prior to 9/11, when the buildings were evacuated for dozens of hours, and the power shut down to the buildings, giving the agents plenty of time to position their explosives where they would do the job, without detection by security cameras.  FEMA, the national police contingent, just happened to be in NYC by the hundreds, in preparation for a "drill" scheduled for Sept. 12.
      I showed up at the lecture as Jones was presenting a methodical debunking of the Federal-commissioned NIST report of the "official explanation" for why the towers fell, to show how incredulous it is, even by the most loose standards of science; and how more and more of the scientific community is not buying it.
      Jones also presented written statements from a year prior, by individuals high in U.S. operations (including Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz, etc.), who basically called for a "Pearl Harbor" type event in our day in order to accomplish the revolution of thinking they consider necessary to carry out their Machiavellian intentions of global empire.
      Jones even gave solid evidence that Bin Laden was not even involved, and that the "confession" tape was by a look-alike, who the Muslim world immediately identified as a fake.  The Western media did not report Bin Laden's repeated statements that he had nothing to do with 9/11.
      The number of terrorists prior to 9/11 was 5% of what it is today, after the unilateral attacks on Muslim countries, on trumped up charges.
      Many of those now in control of our country are the true terrorists, dressed in suits and with handsome appearance.  They should be exposed and brought to justice.  They are infuriating the Muslim world against us - a world that had a significant degree of respect for the United States prior to 9/11 and the ensuing attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq (and Iran next?).
      Their cover is coming off.  The days ahead will be interesting to watch.  What will they do to try and contain this Pandora's box that has been opened?
      The following comes from http://www.heraldextra.com/content/view/163875/ , which is a somewhat timid report of Jones' presentation, yet close enough to give you a good idea of the content.
      Jones' area of specialty as a Professor of Physics at Brigham Young University uniquely prepared him and qualifies him to make scholarly assessment of what it would take to bring down those buildings, and what the evidence points to as the actual cause.
      I hope Jones will make his PowerPoint presentation available on his website, as well as streaming media format of the lecture recorded by several professionals with high-end recording equipment.  (Meanwhile, Dave is making his recording available in DVD format for $2.00.)

      Kudos to Jones and the "Scholars for 9/11 Truth".
      Count me in among your list of individuals who support this quest for a full inquiry, based on scientific method and not politics.
      The fact that the metal from the towers -- key evidence from this crime scene -- is being shipped for scrap metal to Asia, should in itself tell any conscientious person that there is something illegal and suspicious going on here.  And this point is just one of a long list of puzzle pieces that do not support the administration's explanation of what happened, but actually places certain individuals within the administration as being among the perpetrators of that dark day.  They must be uprooted by legal means, and our nation steered back to a course based on Constitutional law, not empire.
      Sterling D. Allan
      B.S. Microbiology
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      Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 10:01 AM
      Subject: Questions remain from 9/11 report, BYU professor says

      I recorded this, Let me know if you want a DVD copy, $2 each.

      Questions remain from 9/11 report, BYU professor says
      Thursday, February 02, 2006
      This story appeared in The Daily Herald on page A1.
      A BYU physics professor speaking on Wednesday night implied a
      government cover-up of what really happened
      on Sept. 11, 2001, and cast doubt on the blame placed on Osama bin Laden.
      Professor Steven E. Jones suggested before the attacks the Bush administration was seeking a way to increase military spending and invade Iraq. The ensuing attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan have created most of Muslims' disdain for America, he said.
      He spoke at Utah Valley State College to a packed lecture room, and by video to adjacent overflow rooms, sponsored by the Center for the Study of Ethics.
      Center director David Keller said, "The collapse of the World Trade Center buildings illustrates a strange convergence of physics, engineering, ethics and politics."
      Jones is a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a group of academics who dispute the government's account of 9/11, and has contributed to a yet-unpublished book about the issue.
      Although official government explanations of why Building Seven fell seven hours after the second tower fell cite fire that melted the steel, Jones said the fire was not hot enough. The way the building fell also was not compatible with the theory, he said, and is more telling of an explosion.
      "It's looking impossible to me as I look at these calculations that the official explanation could be correct. It violates the laws of physics," he said.
      Instead, he said he suspects a thermite detonation from inside the building, possibly in the elevator shafts. But Jones said the steel is being disassembled and sent to Asia for recycling. While "pathological science," or destroying evidence that does not support a theory, is an offense on its own, "In this case we can call it unethical because it was a crime scene," he said.
      A video tape purported to show bin Laden confessing to masterminding the attacks was a fake, Jones said, and other tapes in which bin Laden denied involvement were more likely authentic.
      "They have this 'smoking gun confession tape,' but it's not him," he said.
      Jones asked why fighter jets did not intercept the planes that hit the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
      "Where were our defenses that day? This concerns me deeply," he said.
      He was suspicious about why there was no paper trail showing how the attacks were planned, and asked why the government had not acknowledged finding three of four black boxes from the hijacked airplanes.
      There is evidence the government had previous knowledge of the attacks, he said, citing changes in government employee travel plans because of security concerns.
      After the second tower was hit, President George Bush sat for about 20 minutes in the classroom where he was reading to children after hearing about the attacks.
      Jones asked where Bush's security officers were. "This is puzzling and disturbing in the sense it's not explained. I don't see how it can be explained unless they knew beforehand."
      He also complained of more recent infractions of the Bush administration.
      "We need to get back to the Constitution in law. No one should break the law with impunity," Jones said.
      He cited Bush's authorization of warrantless wiretapping by the National Security Agency.
      "I'm wondering, 'Why not do it legally?' The law allows this. Who's being spied on?" Jones asked. He also was troubled by the U.S. torture policy and widening executive powers, and set his sites on the dangers of pre-emptive wars.
      "I think we need to question wars of aggression. I have noticed there's a sword rattling relative to Iran lately," Jones said.
      After a standing ovation, Jones took questions from the audience. Jerry Owens of Midway, who heads a group called 9/11 Truth Seekers, called Jones a true American hero..
      "He's putting his life on the line," Owens said. "It's time for all of us to be patriots. We have to put our lives on the line, and now is the time."
      The group is circulating a petition for a 9/11 investigation headed by a citizens committee, Owens said. "This is the smoking gun where we can prove what our government's doing."
      Chris Newman, a sophomore multimedia communications major at UVSC who signed the petition, is making a documentary about a possible 9/11 conspiracy.
      "I used to be a hard-core Republican, pro-Bush and everything," he said. "I'm independent now. I have some major doubts about the Bush administration. Hopefully the truth will come out."

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