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Fw: A VERY BAD MOVIE And What One Person Was Able To Do About It!!!!

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    ... From: Albert Burns To: Albert V. Burns Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2005 8:51 PM Subject: A VERY BAD MOVIE And What One Person Was Able To Do About It!!!! The
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      Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2005 8:51 PM
      Subject: A VERY BAD MOVIE And What One Person Was Able To Do About It!!!!

      The letter below was forwarded to me by a Mormon friend and I am forwarding it to those on my list who I believe will be interested in the content of the movie described, whether you are of the Mormon faith or not.  Vileness and attacks on religion MUST be opposed if morality is to be maintained.
                   Al Burns

      Dear Brothers and Sisters,
          FYI:  Some of you might have heard about a Hollywood  film called "Angels in America."  It is a 6-hour mini-series presented by HBO and  recently released in all major video  stores, and is for sale in places such as Costco.
          It was shown on HBO and will  be shown again in December. It was the "most watched" movie in HBO history. We felt that you would want to  be aware of these facts. The jacket cover  and advertisements show a beautiful angel  descending from Heaven -- with a young man in bed in the lower corner of the jacket  reaching up to the female angel. It is very much like the
      painting of Moroni's visit to Joseph Smith.  (see HBO.com --   type in Angels in America) 
          I am  unable to describe this movie in detail, but I will try to sum up  what I do know with surety. It is a filthy,  pornographic, anti-Mormon, bizarre, 6-hour  film. It uses the Church's name, terminology, and "things peculiar to the LDS church"  OFTEN. It has filthy language and
      homosexual love scenes, not just between men, but a man (the  "Prophet, Seer and Revelator") and a male  angel. The main characters are a young LDS couple who are shown at times in their garments, and completely are dysfunctional.
          The clean-cut lawyer husband is cast as a frustrated and undiscovered  "closet" homosexual, the wife, a Valium-popping  drug addict. The main theme running  through the show includes several homosexual relationships and people dying of  AIDS. There is male genitalia exposed on more than one occasion, men in bed with each other, and scenes where men  are making out.  Also, people speaking of other sexual acts and the repeated use of the "F" word and other filthy words.   According to the Motion Picture Industry,  it doesn't have to be "rated" as it was made for TV, thus avoiding an X rating!
          President Shoemaker and I became  aware of this movie when a recently reactivated member of our ward asked us and other members about it.  As she described it, I was incredulous and  thought she was exaggerating!
          She had purchased it at Costco and was appalled when she got it  home and began to view it. It upset her deeply and confused her, and she returned  it.   It was for sale in every Costco store  because it had received so many accolades.  The sad truth is that there is NOTHING on the CD jacket ANYWHERE that describes the movie, nor is it rated or  described on any website associated with  the film. Another very sad fact is the "all star  cast."  Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Emma  Thompson, Jeffrey Wright, and Mary Louise Parker, who plays the young LDS wife, and received a  'Best Supporting Actress' award. This  movie won 5 Golden Globes and is based on  a Pulitzer-winning play of the same name, set in the early 1980s.  It is directed and/or produced by Mike Nichols. ALL  those things are on the jacket, enticing the consumer to rent or buy it, but not one word as to its content!
          After speaking to  several Costco managers and those higher up in the corporation, and after doing MUCH research, I updated Pres. Shoemaker so we  could decide what we should do about it, if anything. When he called  the Public Affaires Dept. in SLC, he was told  that the Church was very aware of  this movie and was trying to fight it in a "quiet  way." They also stated that Costco would soon be selling the Book of Mormon. One fear was that the more publicity the movie  received, the more people would watch it.
          Craig was told that there are lots of anti-Mormon movies being made, especially with this year being the Prophet  Joseph Smith's 200th Birthday. I was told  that someone from the Church PA Dept. would call me back, but they never did. With  my husband's blessing and guidance, I
      continued to quietly pursue this.     
          I personally concentrated on Costco,  not representing the church, but as an indignant member, both of the LDS Church, and a  long-time member of Costco! I focused on  Costco, primarily because of the unlabeled pornographic content of the movie and their "open comment" policy.   I  made calls, wrote letters and e-mails,  and continued to collect facts.
          I was shocked when the Senior Vice President promptly  returned my call, put me on his speaker phone and we began a 3-way, 30-minute dialog with  the Vice President over Media. They had  already called HBO before returning my  call, and what I had stated about the movie was correct. In the ensuing week I had several other e-mails and conversations  with both of
      them. I remained calm and  courteous, but passionate and insistent, and we  had some serious gospel discussions. I didn't  want to start a "hate or letter-writing  campaign" against Costco. I figured we could get them to remove the movie based on the pornographic nature, if they  wouldn't do it for  the anti-religious reasons!
          To sum it up: they have now removed "Angels in  America" from their shelves, returned them  to HBO, and this movie will no longer be available to the 47,000,000 members of Costco. They said it was due to  "low sales" and "not meeting their expectations" in that area. But I believe after they viewed it, they were appalled. The VP  over marketing called to tell me,
      and  while he couldn't state his personal opinion, he  had viewed it and he said it was GONE!
          They also are now working to ensure that the  movies carried in their store are labeled as to the content. Costco is now offering the  Book of Mormon, which has been in the works for a long time. They were good and  decent men!
          We need to not just protest when things go wrong -- and we need to thank those who respond  in positive ways and do good things!
          We figured that you would want to  know about this horrible movie. It is devious and deceptive -- and the distortions of the Church's  teachings and doctrine erroneous. The letter I wrote to Costco describes it in  more detail if anyone wants further information.  (It was a difficult letter for us to  write.)  It is a filthy, graphic, anti-Mormon movie. I wasn't going to get so involved until Craig read me  something from D&C: 71:5-11: 

             5.   Now, behold this is wisdom; whoso readeth, let him understand and 
         receive also;
             6. For unto him that receiveth it shall be given more abundantly,  even power.
             7. Wherefore, confound your enemies; call upon them to meet you both in public and in private; and inasmuch as  ye are faithful their shame shall be made manifest.
             8.  Wherefore, let them bring forth their strong reasons against the Lord.
             9. Verily, thus  saith the Lord unto you, there is no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; 
           10. And if any man lift his voice against you he  shall be confounded in mine own due  time.
           11. Wherefore, keep my commandments;  they are true and faithful. Even so.
          We need to target HBO and those who make and sell  these movies and let them know that things  like this would be despicable to ANY religion.
          The movie also ridicules the Jewish  faith and makes reference to other Biblical things, distorting and perverting them.

          This movie is still  available in rental places and for sale, and will be aired several times in early December on HBO.  I have spoken with  some Video Store managers who say people  check it out, and return it within an hour or two, complaining about the content, and  that they had NO WARNING about it! I worry  about those who have bought this movie -- like my friend -- thinking it is about Angels,  America, and things wholesome and good!  Can you imagine popping that into the TV and starting to watch it  with your family, thinking you were getting something good and wholesome? 
          We must  quietly and fervently  make a stand against these types of things!  We can stand for truth and righteousness, and we CAN make a  difference! We can spread truth and light  where darkness was before.
          Elder Neal Maxwell stated:  "As other lights  flicker and fade, the light of the Gospel will burn ever more brightly in a darkening world,  guiding the humble, but  irritating the guilty and those who prefer the dusk of decadence."
      Warmest regards, and with faith in Christ, 
      Sister Gaylyn Shoemaker 

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