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Dream: Apostates in Stake Conf., transmogrifying couple; Alphabetics in Eagle Mountain

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    http://greaterthings.com/Davidic_Servant/EagleMountainDreamAlphabetics/ Saturday, April 30, 2005 Series of dreams last night: First dream/scene: Asked to give
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      Saturday, April 30, 2005
      Series of dreams last night:
      First dream/scene: Asked to give 5-minute talk at church, on the subject of prayer.  I was astonished, seeing as how I had been considered anathema in this area.  Ended up that it was supposed to be for Stake Conference, which is even more astonishing, seeing as this stake president had actually declined an interview with me when we first moved into this area.  Clock: ~4:30 am.
      At Stake Conf., Stake Pres. was naming off people in congregation, beginning with me, of who were excommunicated for apostasy.  He pointed out that I was there with them in the congregation.  As we got to looking around, the crowd was extremely sparse, from front to back of the chapel/overflow (mostly the people in the back, where they "I don't want to get involved" people sit), and nearly 1/3 or the people named were "apostates,"  sitting toward the front, clustered together.  We looked at each other, and thought, "Hey, let's get to know each other," inasmuch as we were strangers.  We got up out of our seats, while the S.P. was still talking, and I said out loud, so everyone could hear, "I want to meet these cool people."  We went out into the foyer and began introducing one another.  End of that dream/scene.
      Next dream/scene.  Again, I'm in Stake Conference, sitting straight in front of the podium, on second row back, with a baby.  I'm scheduled to sing a song for the meeting, with three other people:  "Our Savior's Love."  A lady next to me offers to hold the baby.  I get up, and in the dream, I sing every word of all three verses.  A person is directing us, to keep us together, which is appreciated, inasmuch as we had never practiced together and were singing acapella.  Every chord sounds great.  Though not perfect, we do a good job.  Audience is moved and awed that an "apostate" would move them.  I return to my seat, and the baby is asleep in the lady's arms.  I take the baby to lay her on the bench, but this wakes her as she seeks to get comfortable but then arouses.  I hold her.  End of that dream/scene.
      Next dream/scene.  I'm in Manti, talking to Susan (mother-in-law).  She said she needs to go show someone a house, and tells me the address. 
      Next dream/scene.  Still in Manti.  I'm talking to a man, enjoying the exchange, mutually realizing that we are both "apostates."  He then looks at his watch and says he and his wife are supposed to go look at a house; they're moving into the area.  He gives me the address and description.  I say, "Hey my mother-in-law is the one that will be showing you that house!"  As he and his wife were pulling out, (they were in a monster truck, that looked more like a big toy), as he backed it up, the rear tire caught an open closet door, and the vehicle actually crawled up that door backward, lifting the back end precariously up into the air.  The truck was so big, that he seemed to hardly notice.  As he then pulled forward, the vehicle bounced to the ground, and then flipped over, horizontally.  As it did so, it became a small toy on the ground.  I picked it up and looked inside, and the husband and wife had turned into small solid wood/plastic toys.  They had switched places, and were both tipped sideways from the jolt of the flip-over, their heads next to each other in the center of the seat.
      I then saw Susan pulling up, as though she were out looking for them because they had not shown up at the appointment.  I ran over to her and then told her what happened to them, and speculated that they must have been transformed to some other dimension or something.  I also retrieve my child, to hold it safe.  She was being held by someone else when I was talking to that guy.
      End of dream.
      Time: twilight ~6:30 am.
      I got out of bed, went to my dresser to select a T-shirt to wear for the day.  Today is Christian's (5-year old) soccer game, and weather seemed warm, so I thought I'd grab a short-sleeve shirt (turned out to be cool and rainy).  First one I came to, was a shirt I've never warn before, though I've had it for several years.  I rediscovered it when we moved to this house in Feb.  On the back, it has a picture of George Washington praying next to his horse.  On the front is a simple logo looking statement that says, "The Power of One."
      I think I like that T-shirt and am going to start wearing it regularly.  Yes, it might not hold up very long; the artwork will probably fade quickly.  But better to wear it and make a statement, then to keep the shirt nice, but never displayed.  A member of the bishopric has a child on the same team as my boy, and it will be fun to make him squirm.  He was one who actually got on my neighbor's case for getting so irate with me when I was passing out flyers clearing my name, after the Bishop announced my excommunication to the adults/youth in this ward, in a special 1-hour meeting, the week after we moved in.  He also got after the people who were going around taking the flyers down, after I had posted them on people's doors -- flyers which few read, because the bishop issued an SOS through the ward for people not to read it.  It was over what I said in there about the Stake President, that caused the Stake President to disinvite me from an interview we had scheduled -- before I passed the fliers around because they would not have a follow-up meeting to clear my name on several important misrepresentations.
      (for those not familiar, see:
      While I'm in the mood, I would like to share with you some of the alphabetics my wife and I encountered when moving to this home in Eagle Mountain, Utah.  As we looked up (in the Bible lexicons) the new numbers associated with the move -- exit number from freeway, house number, street name, phone numbers, bishop's house & phone numbers, stake president's phone number.  They were all spot on in applicability.  Astonishingly so.  I've not written about it yet because I've been avoiding them, similar to how Jonah was avoiding his task.  I hate drawing attention to myself in this way.  It only results in people thinking I'm more strange, making life more lonely. 

      I don't like having the spotlight on myself, because I do not consider myself to be anything extra special so far as a specimen of human being is concerned.  I know many people who surpass me in essentially any attribute you might name.  Watch them, not me.  I'm not the only "one mighty and strong" one around.  There are a lot of them, doing wonderful things.  I've met hundreds in my lifetime.  A good number of them are excommunicated.  Some have never been and never will be LDS/Mormon.  In all, there are/will be a quorum of 144,000.
      Prior to moving here, I discovered an awesome number thing relating the Book of Mormon and the Bible and the "Sealed Portion," and the fullness of scripture.
      The number of pages in the BofM (531) times three (1593) is equal to the number of pages in the Bible (1590), plus 3, putting it onto a blank page in the quad I have.  Blank page -- we write it, we become scripture.  That is the fullness of scripture.  Direct relationship with God, becoming one.
      789 is the phone prefix here in Eagle Mountain.  Page 789 in Gesenius' Old Testament (OT) lexicon has word 7914 on it.  That is the number of verses in the New Testament.  This was fun to see, considering the most recent study I had done just prior to that.  It also has the word "Bush" on the page, tying this into the last study I recorded in my alphabetics journal, more than a year ago, leaving the entire year of 2004 blank.  That is where I picked up. (Running for President, virtually complete lack of any kind of support, no one takes me seriously, conflict of "why do I bother" to try to live true to what I feel directed to do, would seem I'm completely alone, other than having an understanding and supportive wife).
      As I was writing this just now, I opened p.789 in Zodhiates NT lexicon, because there seemed to be a "typo" in my notes.  I had the above as being on p. 789 of Zod. NT.  It turns out that page 789 of Zod. NT captures the idea of the book I have been reading for several weeks now, a little at a time each day.  "Mary Called Magdalene," by Margaret George, is a New York Times bestseller, and I'm glad, because it is a fantastic historical fiction about the life of Mary, who was most beloved of Jesus.  More than any book outside the Bible, it is helping me to understand what it might have been like to have been a contemporary associate of Jesus, experiencing these things first-hand, which have become canonized and worshipped by millions.  Of course she misses on some facts and important details, but overall she weaves a highly convincing tale, taking very inspired guesses to fill in gaps where actual history is silent.  This book is having deep impact on me, helping me get centered as I gear up to be more effective in whatever role the Lord might have for me, unfolding a day at a time.  By bringing the story of Jesus to a more day-to-day level, it is giving me courage and insight.
      Anyway, here are the words on page 789.  My "interpretation" of their application to the Mary Called Magdalene book is offered in brackets.
      2484 ITOURAIA [spills onto p. 789 from previous page] ..."The Itureans were seminomadic people."  [Jesus and apostles semi-nomadic]
      2485, 2486 "fish" [The region around the sea of Galilee main commerce: fish.  Mary's family and her husband processed fish.  Peter, James, etc, had been fishermen.]
      2487 ICHNOS "the sold of the foot ... footstep, the impression left by the sole of the foot in walking." [walking from place to place in ministry]
      2489 IOANNA "Joanna, the wife of Chuza, Herod Antipas' steward, one of the women healed of evil spirits, and who ministered to the Lord Jesus..." [book has her, along with Mary, accompanying the apostles from place to place, with Jesus -- one of the reasons Mary had acquired the reputation of "prostitute" among here kinsmen.]
      2490 IOANNAS "Joannas, an ancestor of Jesus." [typesetting puts the word "Jesus" by itself as the first word in the second column, at the top of the page.
      2491 IOANNES "John... (I) the Baptist ...(II) the apostle" [both play prominently in the book]
      2492 IOB "[means] poorly treated.  Job; ...an example of perseverance."
      2493 IOEL "Joel.  ...we know nothing of his life and times."  [Name of Mary's husband in fictional novel, which fills in a great many details, which though they might not be factual, do help make the story more real.]
      You can see why I would see the correspondence between those words on page 789 and the book I'm reading right now that is having such impact on me, as I live here where the phone prefix is 789.  I might mention, too, that the library where my wife checked out this book, situation immediately behind our home, has a phone number that is transposed from ours.  Ours is 8030, the library's is 3080.
      Word 789 in Gesenius' OT lexicon appears at the top of the second column, where the number "801" is written, that being the last definition on the page.  Word 789 and 788 are bunched together by Gesenius as having the same meaning/root.  Word 788 means "opinion of God."
      Our street name is West Pinion circle.
      So there within a rectangle of 1 inch by three inches are the numbers 801: our area code; 789: our phone prefix; and "Opinion" containing the name "Pinion."
      As we were moving here, Susan was also looking at property in the area.  She and Ren had decided on a lot they wanted to get and build on.  I looked up that number: 167, and it meant "a tent, a house, a tabernacle," and the explanation contained the quotation, "behold the moon."  Moon is the last name of Susan's first husband, my wife's father.  We had fun seeing that one.  (As I write this, Gary Moon is one foot away from me, with Cheri looking at something on the other computer we have; he's paying us a visit.  I mention this because these alphabetics codes seem to have an uncanny way of being minutely specific in their applicability, right down to conversations had at the time one looks up a word, clothes they are wearing, topics of conversation at the time, etc... -- even though the words that are millennia in the making.  It is utterly weird, and sometimes downright unnerving.)
      - - - -

      Sunday Morning
      Before sending this email account out, I though I would record a few more of the alphabetics mentioned above.
      To get to Eagle Mountain, one exits from I-15 at exit 282, in Lehi (where my wife and I were married).  Page 282 in Gesenius' OT lexicon contains word 2498 which means, "Interchange, pass by, pass through, to change."
      The day after we moved here, we attended church, and I got up in Sacrament Meeting to bear my testimony.  The bishop in my previous ward had allowed me to do this, even though I am an excommunicated Mormon, and I had not yet had a chance to meet with the bishop here to see what he would or would not permit me to do.  Well, that ended up turning into a big deal, resulting in the Bishop pulling the adults and youth aside for a special meeting the next week to inform them that I am excommunicated.
      Ironically, at this same time, featured at the top of each page at greaterthings.com was a write-up I had done of an Ezekiel Conference in which John Bayley had prophesied that if the Church would restore those it had wrongfully excommunicated, it would grow three times as large and three times as powerful.
      As we were going through the nightmare of public humiliation and excoriation, I looked up Bishop Freeman's phone suffix: 4890
      In the NT Greek, word 4890 (SUNDROME) means, "Syndrome."
      In the OT Hebrew, word 4890 means "scorn, laughing stock."
      Within a couple of months that situation was still festering, such that even the local home school group disinvited our family from participating with them.
      I should note, though (and I noted at the time), that immediately surrounding the two words above from the Old and New Testament corresponding to the Bishop's phone number, are words the would suggest the possibility of a turnabout of some kind.
      The words in vicinity in the OT strongly relate to the concept of the OMS, which had been the topic of one of my meetings with Bishop Freeman as he prepared to announce my excommunication:
      4886 - 4888 anointing
      4889 snared
      4893 marred
      4896 dominion
      4898 whom God frees
      4899 Messiah
      The words in vicinity in the NT convey the concept of fellow-laborers.
      4888 - To glorify together
      4889 - A fellow slave who is found in the same condition as another; a servant of the same Lord
      4891 - To raise together
      4892 - Sanhedrin
      4893 - Conscience, to be one's own witness.
      My wife was so upset over all this that she decided that she wanted her name removed from the rolls of the Church.
      Around the time that this sentiment climaxed and she made that decision, I looked up the license plate number of our car, which I had not hitherto done.
      Word 845 in the NT lexicon means "eyewitness"
      Word 843 means "voluntarily cutting oneself off from the church."
      Word 841 means "self-sufficient
      In the OT lexicon, word 845 means "vow of God" bringing to mind a direct relationship with the heavens, without need of an intercessory individual or group in-between.
      I also looked up the house number of Bishop Freeman: 1860
      In the OT lexicon word 1860 means "that which is abhorred"
      I looked this up immediately after delivering a letter to his door requesting that he hold a follow-up meeting to set the record straight on several things that had been seriously misrepresented in the hour-long excommunication announcement meeting at the ward.  In that letter, I reminded him that I had Constitutional and legal recourses I could take if he chose not to clear my name himself.  I had a law suit in mind at the time.
      Upon returning home, I looked up word 1860 in the NT lexicon.  It means, "Primarily a legal term denoting a summons."
      Also around this time, I looked up my Stake President (Dee Draper)'s phone number (3836), which links to the proper noun: "Labben" in the OT lexicon.  Don't go thinking that this is putting ideas into my head.  I do not view alphabetics as a perfect parallel or exact command for literal fulfillment of every innuendo.  Rather, it provides a general tapestry of insight about principles and concepts, helping one in the revelatory process, to understand what life is about, and what they are to do with their life.
      The next day, I changed my cell phone number with Verizon to a local phone number, and was assigned the new number by Verizon.  The suffix: 1700.  The agent on the phone said, "That's lucky!"

      Word 1700 in the OT lexicon means, "Thing".  Above that is a word that means "words" and below it, a word that means "eloquent."
      One of the primary reasons that the Bishop and others of the ward were so set off against me was that in my testimony I had mentioned the name of my primary website: greaterthings.com; and when he informed the ward about me, he urged them to steer clear of my website.
      Word 1700 in the NT lexicon means, "of me, mine, my"
      In the vicinity of this definition is a long series of words, which taken together convey an amazing concept.  Bear with me, and don't stone me as I run these by you.  Let me have a chance to explain.  The focal word here is 1694.  Considering the significance of that word, the applicability of the words in its vicinity should be considered carefully as commentary -- a hallmark feature of this "alphabetics" approach that I discovered in 1996, Immanuel, and for which I have found thousands of collaborating evidences, some of which are written up and documented at http://greaterthings.com/Word-Number/
      1679, 1680 "To hope, expect with desire."
      1681 "Sage"
      1682 "My God"
      1683 "Of myself"
      1684 "To go in, enter, embark"
      1685 "To cast in"
      1686 "To dip in"
      1687 "To enter or intrude into, the word seemingly implying conceit and arrogance"
      1688 "To cause to enter, to embark"
      1689 "To look in the face, fix the eyes upon, stare at"
      1690 "To be enraged, indignant"
      1691 "I, me, myself"
      1692 "To spit out, vomit, with contempt"
      1693 "To be mad or furious with or against any person or thing" syn. "to be insane, a fool" ["foolish" is the meaning of word 801 in the NT lexicon. 801 is the telephone prefix of Wasatch Front Utah, including Salt Lake and Utah Valleys -- the idea of the wise and foolish virgins, the wheat and tares mixed together]
      1694 EMMANOUEL "Immanuel"
      1695 EMMAOUS Emmaus [road to Emmaus, where the resurrected Jesus walked as a man, undetected]
      1696 "To remain, persevere in"
      1697 "donkey" [ass]
      1698 "I, me, mine, my"
      1699 "I, mine, my own"
      1700 "of me, mine, my"
      1701 "Derision, scoffing, mocking"
      1702 "To deride, mock, scoff at"
      1703 "A mocker, scoffer, spoken of impostors, false prophets"
      1704 "To walk about in a place, e.g., the earth. Used metaphorically, meaning to walk or live among a people, be habitually conversant with."
      1705 "To fill in, to make full"
      1706 "To fall in with or among, to meet with"
      1707 "To braid in, interweave, entangle, implicate; to involve in"
      I have noted in my margin next to word 1691 that 1691 is the sum of the ASCII code numerical values of the letters that spell my wife's name: "Cheri Collett Moon" including the spaces.
      At a minimum, a message that is fair to derive here, comes from the teachings of Jesus.  "Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me."  How we treat one another is a vicarious treatment of God.

      Part of the reason for that is that we are all god-beings in various levels of development.  Some are more developed, some less, but that does not make them better or worse.  A 5-year old is not inferior to a 10 or 10 or 50 year old that is older.  We are all part of a universal oneness, and how we treat one another impinges back on ourselves and our own development.  So the idea of "Immanuel," or "God with us," as Isaiah interprets it, is just that -- we are all gods in the flesh, toughing it out here in mortality, learning, growing, developing, making mistakes, overcoming, advancing, loving, hating, increasing in life experiences. 
      Okay, yes, there is such a being as "God", which represents a glorified, perfected being, who oversees the family of mankind and indeed all of creation, as a loving parent would its children.  And yes, Jesus Christ was not just another human being, but was one who had achieved Godhood, and chose to descend in the flesh and walk among us 2000 years ago.  He was the very Son of God, in the flesh.
      In the flesh, he was veiled not just to others, but to himself as well.  He had to learn who he was and what his mission in life was, just like any of us do.  He had to be true to his calling, just as we should.  He was part of a grand plan, indeed a pivotal part, and he fulfilled his role in his incarnation in the flesh.
      Okay, so now I go the next step and speculate what I believe is happening in the second Messianic advent in these the latter days.
      Jesus spoke of a truism: "The first shall be last, and the last shall be first."
      The Jews were the "first" anciently, to be numbered as God's people, then with the rejection of Jesus Christ, the kingdom then went to the Gentiles, through the instrumentality of the apostles of Christ.  In the last days, the gospel was restored to the Gentiles, through Joseph Smith, who brought forth the Book of Mormon, intended as the companion witness of Jesus Christ.  The Gentiles are likewise prophesied to reject the Messiah, as did the Jews.  There are many prophesies about this, but the most poignant is JST Matthew 21:47-56, found in the appendix of the LDS publication of the King James Bible.  The key verse in this punch line is 56.
      The Jews were expecting a political kingdom, but instead were preached the gospel, which pertains to individual redemption, and they rejected their Messiah.  The Gentiles, now, are focused on the first coming, but are neglecting their responsibility to establish a literal government of God on the earth that will protect the freedoms of all mankind; and are slated to reject the Messiah in their own way.
      But this time, it won't be Jesus in their midst, but the Father.  That is what I've found in my studies.  Yes, the Father (and Mother), the same Michael that founded the human race, comes again in the latter days, in the flesh, among men, and is rejected of his own -- the Mormons this time.
      Before you shout blaspheme, let me cite for you a collection of scriptural supports that I have compiled on this subject:
      Oh, my, I just noticed the date on that document: May 1, 2000.  Today, when I am writing this report, is May 1, 2005.
      Anyway, there are a surprising many supports for this.
      Now, I'm going to guess that your first thought is as follows.  We tend to think of Jesus as the epitome of righteousness and perfection (and justifiably so), and we think of the Father as being yet above that -- incomprehensible.  The thought of the Father coming in the flesh at all, regardless of identity, seems preposterous.  This certainly is not a doctrine that circulates in any church, including the LDS Church.  Another thought is that if Jesus life is held up as the epitome of the human existence, and he father is "above" him, then what possibly could the Father's coming in the flesh accomplish?
      Let me speculate.
      The Father (and Mother), in their appearance in the flesh, are not intended to be epitome human beings, but, rather, fairly typical and not necessarily that remarkable.  (Think Isaiah, "not to be desired").  They make mistakes, commit sin, offend, all in the course of normal human existence.  It is part of their veil, both from the world as well as from themselves.  They are God in the flesh, just as all of us are gods in the flesh, and they do not feel any different than anyone else.  They are subject to the same frustrations, temptations, challenges, opportunities, weaknesses, strengths as the next person.  Indeed, they could even mess up their probationary lifetime and fall backward from bad choices made.  It is thus a supreme act of love and compassion that they would even come in the first place, as so much is at risk for them.  Why leave their exalted throne and subject themselves to the whiles of human frailties, especially in this day of rampant sin, not to mention the venom of their fellow human beings?
      Furthermore, the words uttered by them are not "perfect".  They are not "infallible."
      Why is this?  Why would it be this way?
      What is the primary message that this generation needs to get through their heads?  In my estimation, the primary message is that each of us is to stop leaning on others, and we are to become independent and mature in our walk with the heavens, taking responsibility for ourselves before God, and not blaming another for our mistakes.  It is a coming of age, a maturing to spiritual adulthood.  The message of this day is "Would God that All the Lord's People Were Prophets."  That, really, is what the Church of the Firstborn is all about.  Each is an independent agent of God, mingling with God and angels, not looking to another to tell them what is right and what is wrong.
      The primary error of the Mormon Church is the extent to which they have put the attention on the Prophet leader instead of on each individual to receive personal revelation.  That is up-side down.  The Church is to be a gathering place of those who have come to Christ, to support one another in their quest to overcome the flesh, and to walk always in the Spirit of God.  The Church of the Firstborn is where they arrive when they have graduated.
      So it makes sense to me that the Messianic role among the Gentiles would NOT be of one whose every word is perfect, and any deviation from that spells damnation.  That is what mankind has been subjected to for thousands of years.  That is not step forward.  That is Catholicism.  It is Mormonism -- in its backslid present mode.  It is just about any major world religion.  It even reaches into science and politics, and is manifest in this axiom: Don't question authority.  Of such ludicracy came Nazi Germany.  When will we ever learn?
      Why then, do the prophecies word it in such a way that "those who do not hear the words of that prophet shall be cut off from among the people"?  That sounds only like more of the same impeccable following of a man's words.  And many of the One Mighty and Strong claimants that come along are extremely obnoxious on this point.  Their words are barely inspired, and they are fixated on the idea that people must stand up behind them and follow them religiously.
      That is not what God has in store for this people at this time -- not another individual to take the place of God for the people, instead of them having a direct relationship with God.
      And the irony is that while thus veiled in the flesh, Heavenly Father and Mother are not "God" in the proper sense, inasmuch as they are not exalted, perfected beings, but are sullied by the flesh.  It would be wholly inappropriate to "worship" them, any more than one might revere one's fellow human beings as all part of one body that makes up God in a general sense.
      When I speak of getting a direct relationship with God, "God" in this sense, refers to the heavenly hosts, which include a myriad of exalted beings who dwell in heaven and watch over each one of us here, guiding, protecting, instructing, helping, defending, but most importantly, allowing us to make choices and reap the consequences of those choices, to help us learn and grow.
      This does not contradict the scripture that says, "There is but one God."  That is a true statement.  But it is not quite the way people have dressed it out to be.  This is an awfully large universe (infinite), and there are an infinite number of individuals who act in the office of "God", which does not take away from or diminish what "God" is.  So don't get worked up over the idea that one (actually many) individual, who at one point resided in that calling in heaven for this planet, is now hanging out as a mortal among us.  You might actually be one of them!
      So, after having said all that, you must be wondering to yourself, "Is Sterling saying that he is the Father in the Flesh?"
      Actually, that is not what I am saying.  Do I think it a possibility?  Yes.  But even though the alphabetics code describes the details of my life, down to my weight, height, social security number, birth place, etc... it also describes many other people that I've looked up, in nearly the same level of detail.  I am open to the possibility that it might be epitomized by another.
      I believe that there are many ones mighty and strong, and that the 144,000 are all called by that name.  So it is also possible that this epitome role will be played by someone else.  I certainly wouldn't mind.
      The point is that it really doesn't matter who it is, because the message is the same -- get your own connection with the heavens.  Stop relying on others or one other, who you place as a prophet in your life.  Let God in heaven be your guide, and be prophet yourself.
      That is the next step in our evolution as a people.  That is the Church of the Firstborn.  And no, that church is not composed of buildings and headquarters and dogmas and sacraments.  Rather, it is a fairly loose association of people who have overcome, and who walk independent with the Lord (at least that is how it is now.  Once they mature as a quorum, it will be a very tight bond they will have one with another, even to acting as one).  And there will be included in that number people who have never been Mormon, or even any other religion.  Indeed, all religions point to this ultimately, and once one arrives at this pinnacle, how they got there is not nearly as important as the fact that they have finally arrived.
      It is the hub of the wheel, in which each rung of the wheel corresponds to the various religious denominations on earth.
      That is the work of the Father(&Mother) / Messiah in the latter days, and it is carried out by 144,000 ones mighty and strong, many of whom have not yet even come to realize who they are or what their mission is in life -- and some of whom are languishing and will not fulfill their destiny in life -- at least not this one.
      That is why I am so feared and scorned here in Utah where I live.  People view me as a threat to their faith in the Church, which is not the proper focus.  Their focus should be on Christ, and in getting their own relationship with the heavens, and fulfilling their own mission in life faithfully -- a portion of which has to do with establishing a literal kingdom of God on earth -- a government of God that will protect (not impose) the freedom of all mankind.
      Their foundation is a sandy foundation, and I represent a shaking of that foundation.
      By that, I am not saying that my intent is to get people to leave the Mormon Church, or any other church for that matter.  To the contrary, I believe it is possible for one to graduate into the Church of the Firstborn and still minister among the people God has assigned them, whether it be among the Mormons, or Buddhists, or Methodist, or whatever.  Excommunication or leaving one's church is not prerequisite to becoming a member of the Church of the Firstborn.  That often is associated with the graduation, but not all alumni go on to do other things.  Some stay and teach.
      And don't expect a certificate of membership to be handed to you when you arrive.  It may actually take years for you to realize that you have arrived.  It often takes years for people to break free of the bonds that religious adherence to dogma places on their minds.  It's one thing to identify it.  It is entirely another to actually become free emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally.
      There is, from what I understand, going to be a collective graduation ceremony for the Mormons after a period of downtreading.  It will come in conjunction with a deliverance at a time when all seems lost, for this geographical area is going to be subjected to some catastrophic purging -- earthquakes, lake Bonneville returning briefly, concentration camps, martial law, foreign troops -- if they don't wake up and repent, which they do not show any signs of doing. They are in a state of spiritual stupor, of spiritual hypothermia.  They are in a state of gross lethargy and do not see it.  They resist attempts to arouse them from their slumber.  The resent those who seek to wake them up.
      If they do not awaken from the voice of the many prophets in their midst (I'm talking the ones mighty and strong among them, most of whom they have excommunicated), then the Lord will send scourges and treading down, as prophesied.  Then, when finally humbled, will there be a collective paradigm shift, and a glorious endowment, launching a period of great outpourings of the power of God never seen before on this Earth.  That is when the New Jerusalem will be established in their midst.  That is when the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon will come forth.  That is when they will become a mighty people.
      And the awakening of the Jews will follow shortly after that, when Jesus appears to them on the Mount of Olives, and they see the marks in his hands and feet, and mourn of him whom they slain.
      The Mormons will have a similar paradigm shift with the Davidic Servant, whom they marred.
      Both peoples are in for a major awaking.
      Thus will fulfill the scripture, then shall a nation be born in a day.
      Until that time, we are under the curse of the "strong delusion" that has been poured out by God because we refused to do things his way, but chose our own path instead.  To a large extend, for the Mormons, this amounts to putting their prophet in the place of God in their life, trusting him more than they trust their own relationship with the heavens -- and the Mormon prophet is not going to be coming out and saying, "Hey, you know all those thousand or so people we excommunicated for apostasy? Well, we goofed, and we're bringing them back.  They have important things to say, and we need to listen to them."  And that is what it would take for a turning away of the destructions that we have chalked up for ourselves by allowing secret combinations to get above us, when we were supposed to have been the leavening influence to keep them at bay and to install instead the government of God on earth.
      Don't expect to receive a burning in the bosom confirmation of the things I've said here.  The withholding of that is part of the strong delusion that this people has chosen.  It takes a Herculean effort to arrive at a place where these things become apparent.  That veil will not be lifted until the time I mentioned above.
      Anyway, I'm ranting on, saying things I've said many times before at GreaterThings.com
      I may or may not be the epitome one mighty and strong, but I am one of them, and I am glad there are many others who are doing such a great job of fulfilling their destinies in life.
      This is not about drawing attention to myself.  (Why do you think I've just been sitting on this stuff, even though I've known it for a long time?)  It is to get you to wake up to who you are, and to get you to go direct and stand with the heavens, and graduate to the Church of the Firstborn.  Become that which you were born to be.
      Help redeem this planet.  Help turn away the destructions.  They don't have to happen to the full severity portrayed in some of the awful prophecies.  They can be mitigated.  They can be turned away.
      Play your part.  It's part of your progression.  It's part of your role as Immanuel -- god in the flesh.
      Sterling D. Allan
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