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Why alleged "Sealed Portion" works for Duane

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    http://www.greaterthings.com/Word-Number/Book_of_Mormon/p531x1x2x3/DuaneErickson.htm or try: http://tinyurl.com/532ho (Holy cow, that url is generated
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2005
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      or try: http://tinyurl.com/532ho
      (Holy cow, that url is generated randomly! The gods must be crazy!)

      [see also companion study: http://tinyurl.com/63qsk%5d


      As you know, I have not giving thesealedportion.com the kind of attention
      you have, because of the volume of red flags that came up on it for me.

      Considering my respect for you and your search for truth, as one I would
      consider a fellow remnant, the fact that you are so enamored with
      thesealedportion.com has created a bit of a puzzlement to me.

      I would like to offer what I consider to be a plausible reason that just
      occurred to me in a flash.

      You are demonstrating a principle that I have stated to people for some
      time, namely that "a person with a good heart could find truth in anything,
      including the church of the devil, and be brought closer to God by it."

      Your experience with thesealedportion.com is most likely not a function of
      an inherent goodness of thesealedportion.com, but your own soul -- as well
      as Chris' soul, the author of thesealedportion.com

      Despite his and your weaknesses, this experience of pondering and weighing
      and defending and promoting -- all with the intent of tapping the highest
      within you -- has had the effect of percolating the highest within you.

      The experience has served as a catalyst for you. And that catalyst has much
      more to do with your inherent make-up as a child of God and joint heir with
      Christ than it does with the black and white words of print in

      I would dare say that you could have probably engendered the same experience
      with just about any text that you gave the same attention.

      Now, with that principle in mind, I would now say that if you gave the
      process the same left-brain attention, of scrutinizing it for how it
      measures up as "truth," I would dare say that it would fall short -- indeed
      any record would, if the left brain was the only thing being engaged.

      The ideal, of course, is to use both the left (male / analytical) brain and
      the right (female / heart / intuitive) harmoniously, in a balance.

      Thesealedportion.com has served as a tool in your life to elevate you to a
      higher spiritual plane because of the way you went about it.

      Even the "worst" person on the planet is still a child of God, and has
      within them the potential to eventually overcome all things -- though not in
      this life, maybe another a long time from now. Each person has within them
      that God essence.

      Your approach to Christ has enable you to see past his flesh into that God
      essence. What you have seen has caused you to marvel.

      I would remind you that you would have the same experience with any human
      being on this planet. If you gave them that kind of attention, you would
      find within them "the sealed portion," no matter how depraved they are in
      their present state of development, and in finding within them "the sealed
      portion," the same would be evoked in you.

      I've been sitting on a discovery that I made about a month ago that is very
      pertinent here. I've not published it yet because I wanted to finish it.
      I've only recorded the very first part of the discovery. There is a lot
      more to it. [I finished the essence when composing this and have prepared it
      to be published at the same time as this message.]

      Briefly, there are 531 pages in the BofM, which is 1/3 of the entire record.
      The "sealed portion" is 2/3. Combined, they make 3/3. I took 531 and
      multiplied it by three, which is 1593, and then turned to the Bible (LDS
      publication) to see what might be on page 1593.

      It turns out that page 1590 is the very last page of the New Testament (page
      1 is in Genesis). And page 1593 is a blank page, between the Bible and the
      Topical Guide.


      Nothing on it. Blank because the purpose of scripture is to get us to the
      point where we are our own Urim and Thummim, communicating directly with
      God. We are scripture. All things point to Christ. We no longer "need"
      the written word of any cannon, for we have become the written word. That
      is the fullness.

      Your experience has engendered that principle in you. It has very little to
      do with the "truthfulness" of thesealedportion.com You could have done the
      same thing with the Jewish prayer book, or the Quran, or some New Age tome,
      or Satan's handbook -- or even Leo Tolstay's "War and Peace." In other
      words, anything. Some will be more effective instruments than others, but
      an honest heart is the most important ingredient.

      Seek and ye shall find. That is what you have found.


      Sterling D. Allan

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      March 3, 2005
      To my dear friends and loved ones or to whom ever it may concern.

      Having begun reading <thesealedportion.com> beginning November 2004 from
      a download from the internet (roof top), I would like to share my
      personal experience thus far.

      In my research and study of The Sealed Portion I find, at this point,
      nothing, which I would consider evil. Shocking, yes, but eye opening and
      most likely truthful. In my study I have attempted to eliminate all
      flesh in this research to concentrate solely upon the printed word from
      beginning to end, and then beginning again more slowly and methodically
      and prayerfully.
      I feel that from these studies I have become more familiar and aware of
      the true character and nature of the works of Satan. That in this
      discovery, I have at this point in my life, and never before been able
      to accomplish, together with the words in my personal prayers, i.e.
      "Satan, I command they to get the behind me, and I do so by the power
      and name of Jesus Christ, Ah-men", together I have put behind me what I
      now know and consider sin, which has plagued me from my youth.
      While I do consider these as minor sins, I feel victorious in this as
      proof that the process, with the help of The Sealed Portion together
      with my pure trust in my Father has and can take place in my life.
      I actually feel that the process of removing ones self from Babylon or
      the Babylon Lifestyle, is very real and possible. This, although an
      infinitesimal stage for me, offers me a greater freedom than I have ever
      experienced and in place of the sin, I feel greater love. Love of the
      gift of mortality and all it has offered me.
      While this, to me is very minor and it remains to be seen if I can
      endure, it opens more of my pure trust in my Creator and myself, that
      greater things are possible.

      Nothing in my life to this point to include all religious experiences,
      including what I have considered sacred, has come close to accomplishing
      what my study of The Sealed Portion has thus far assisted me with in
      this endeavor.

      I thank you, and using he same process I look forward to greater and
      more meaningful conquests in my life.

      I therefore consider this experience good and worthwhile in my life.

      K. Duane Erickson
      info@... 801 652-5577 (cell)

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