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From Ken Howard: Check out Waking the Left Up to Skull and Bones

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    ... From: Klehighacres@aol.com Sent: Monday, October 04, 2004 11:47 PM Subject: From Ken Howard: Check out Waking the Left Up to Skull and Bones Waking the
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      Sent: Monday, October 04, 2004 11:47 PM
      Subject: From Ken Howard: Check out Waking the Left Up to Skull and Bones

      Waking the Left Up to Skull and Bones (Click for the Truth about Kerry & Bush)
      ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ and hopefully all who consider themselves; Right, Left and any GOOD Man or Woman who would rather VOTE "PRINCIPAL OVER POLITICS"! A True Patriot!
      The above article was extremely well written, but unfortunately it leaves "us" with "no choice" or HOPE to Replace Your VOTE for either "Socialist Party A" (Democrats/Kerry)or
      "Socialist Party B" (Republicans/Bush) and Both Parties agenda of merging the U.S. into "THE NEW WORLD ORDER per numerous quotes by G.H.W. Bush" and their Ultimate GOAL of a "ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT" within 5 years as QUOTED by David Rockerfeller, a TOTALLY FASCISTIC ENSLAVEMENT OF EVERY MAN, WOMAN and CHILD under "Marshall Law/Police State", "Chip Implant Tracking", "Biometrics", ALL Because... "it's for our own SAFETY" ! BUT... As Benjamin Franklin Quotes, "They that can give up essential Liberty to Obtain a Little Temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety!"
                                    WELL, I'VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU!
                          YOU DO HAVE BOTH HOPE AND CHOICE
                                                              Please Read On!
      After voting 28 years as a Die Hard Republican, I have registered as a "Constitution Party" voter and really like their "Principal Over Politics" message of, GOD, FAMILY, REPUBLIC .( http://www.godfamilyrepublic.com/)  They are Totally against ABORTION ALL 9 MONTHS and are Truly PRO LIFE, PRO ABOLISHING ABORTION COMPLETELY AND IMMEDIATELY, PRO GOD THE CREATOR and His Ten Commandments, PRO ABOLISHING IRS and FEDERAL INCOME TAXES Immediately and replacing it with NOTHING, PRO ABOLISHING THE CURRENT NATIONAL EDUCATION SYSTEM, PRO USA SOVEREIGNTY, PRO LOCAL GOVERNMENT, ANTI NEW WORLD ORDER and "UN" ONE WORLD CONTROL by EVIL MEN who WORSHIP, PRACTICE and BELONG to LUCIFERIAN  ORGANIZATIONS like "SKULL & BONES" 322, BOHEMIAN GROVE where they actually worship and sacrifice on an altar to the ancient god Molach mentioned in the Old Testament( and many others) all the while making FALSE CLAIMS of being "Christian" and appeasing TRUE CHRISTIANS by QUOTING BIBLE verses in order to "STEAL the TRUE CHRISTIAN" VOTE! So, I can't figure for the Life of me, why a Christian would want to Vote for any Party or Candidate who regularly "Trashes" the US Constitution like so many of our past and present Democratic and Rebublican Presidents have, ARE and will continue to do so as long as the CHURCH is Lullibied to Sleep by these EVIL SATANIC SERVANTS who regularly invoke "The New World Order Agenda", worship Pagan gods, and push for a Total enslavement and Police State "Martial Law" give up some of your "Constitutional & Bill of Rights" by permanently passing "Patriot Act" (sic) in order to "PROTECT US FROM THE TERRORISTS"!
      Well, feel free to call me @ 239-368-8463 (home), I know I wrote alot, but I am UPSET with the OBVIOUS Agenda of both the Democrats and Republicans to continue to ADVANCE the "SOCIALISISM AND FACISM" of "THE EMPIRE" where they BOTH OPENLY ADMIT to Submitting to the "Common Good"- sic of "The New World Order"! http://www.prisonplanet.tv/ and http://www.infowars.com/ While we as CHRISTIANS VOTE for "the Lesser of 2 EVILS", A or B Socialist Parties as mentioned above, whichever one feels is Lesser Evil, This is a TOTAL OXYMORON, EVEN THOUGH we DO HAVE A MUCH CLEARER CHOICE OF HOPE, with two Unabashed CHRISTIANS ( Michael Anthony Peroutka and Dr. Chuck Baldwin ) running for the Highest Offices in the Land, President and Vice President under the Constitution Party and are on just about every State Ballot!
      If HISTORY is any Lesson, WE WILL GET WHAT WE DESERVE by VOTING POLITICS, NOT PRINCIPAL! Only God knows the outcome of the upcoming election, but one thing is for sure, a VOTE for THE CONSTITUTION Party is not a "Waisted Vote", because you'll never get "WHAT YOU WANT, UNLESS YOU VOTE FOR IT" ! IS IT CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT or "THE NEW WORLD ORDER"...big chips are at stake! It's time for ALL CHRISTIANS TO put POLITICS ASIDE and VOTE their CONCIENCE (Principal) and Let God take Care of the REST ( just like David and Goliath) ! Can you imagine if every Christian in this Country voted for Michael Anthony Peroutka how HUGE the VICTORY would be, it's TIME FOR EVERY CHRISTIAN TO PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR and do GOD's bidding!
      LETS TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT FROM EVIL MEN WHO TRASH OUR CONSTITUTION and our RELIGOUS FREEDOMS, who promote "THE NEW WORLD ORDER", and the "Patriot Act" which RIPS at the very fabric of the Constitution and Bill of Rights,  while opening our borders to illegal immigrants who denegrate our "middle class" economics and toll our Legal Society, the very men who profess to be CHRISTIANS but SECRETELY meet at the BOHEMIAN GROVE in the REDWOODS of California where they worship and SACRIFICE to MOLACH on a STONE ALTAR ( I have a video that was secretely shot by Alex Jones in 2002 when he snuck into the GROVE past Secret Service that I will send you if you would like) proof of the World Leaders who have meet in this place for the past 100 years, yes GW, GHW, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and many other Republicans, Democrats and World Leaders!
      Please take a LOOK at the above websites and do your research THOUROUGHLY, OUR FUTURE RESTS ON IT! A Person Knows the Truth when they finally HEAR it! YOU MAY BE HEARING THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME, and like so many others across our GREAT COUNTRY, WAKING UP, I PROMISE YOU, IF NOT NOW, WHEN...THE FUTURE MAY BE TO LATE!
      I'D LIKE TO LEAVE YOU WITH ONE FINAL QUOTE FROM ONE OF OUR GREATEST FOUNDING FATHERS AND FORMER PRESIDENT, ...Thomas Jefferson, "In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution"...Thomas Jefferson, That says it ALL!
      We'll write again soon...I'll be glad to send you guys some very good DOCUMENTARY FILMS (FREE)  on CD that ALEX JONES from http://www.prisonplanet.tv/ and http://www.infowars.com/ has been researching for about 10 years on "THE NEW WORLD ORDER", "911, The Road to Tyranny", "DARK SECRETS INSIDE THE BOHEMIAN GROVE", "BROTHERHOOD OF DARKNESS", "MATRIX OF EVIL", "GREATEST LIE", "AMERICA DESTROYED BY DESIGN", "American Dictators", "Police State 3" a total of 9 well researched DOCUMENTARY Films, just let me know if you want them, send me an email with your current snail mail addresses! ( I'll send them FREE ! ) I'll pay the postage, buy and burn the CD's...all I ask is if after doing your research, you feel like I do...that you would pass the FLAME ON and tell another AMERICAN who CARES, you may even feel compeled to forward this email, I wish you would, to as many Patriots and GOOD AMERICANS in order to be like "MANY" PAUL REVERE's and WAKE PEOPLE UP TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND also...GIVE THEM HOPE WITH THE "CONSTITUTION PARTY" and Michael Anthony Peroutka!
      Gotta go for now!
      Semper Fi !
      Ken Howard
      "The TRUTH shall set you  FREE".....http://www.godfamilyrepublic.com/                                     
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