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      Subject: [888] The Gathering of Lights

      The Gathering of Lights

      J.J. Dewey
      author of THE IMMORTAL series
      will be in Manti, UT Jul 16 – 18, 2004
      at the Historic Manti House Inn

      Readers of The Immortal series and interested parties will gather for the fifth time in beautiful Manti.  J.J. Dewey does not charge for his time and all funds collected are to pay for food, meeting rooms, and lodging.  Costs for the Seminar and meals from Friday Night to Sunday Morning are $115. Scholarships are available for those in need of one.  Lodging is extra and varies from $45 - $115 for two nights accommodations.  Costs for the seminar alone without meals are $65.

      Soul Mates
      What is a soul mate?  Is there such a thing as twin souls or
      twin flames? What do you do if you think your companion is not your soulmate?  How to create a soul mate if you cannot find one. 

      Overcoming Death
      Why we die.  Is death really ever conquered?  What are the keys to overcoming death?  Do we take our physical bodies with us?  The three major obstacles to overcoming death.

      The Gathering Principle
      What is the Gathering Principle?  How it is the Key to both physical and spiritual evolution.  What will the next gathering be like and what will be the results?

      For tickets and information contact Susan Carter.  We have a limited number of seats available so contact her now at (435) 835-4835 or email her at susan@....  See you there!

      Copies of The Immortal, Books 1, 2, & 3 are available locally at Kathy’s Herb Shop, Mt Pleasant
      Book 1 is free on the web or all books can be ordered at:  www.freeread.com
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