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Burisch Implicated in Gulf War Syndrome

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  • Sterling D. Allan
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2004

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      Vegas Microbiologist Implicated in Gulf War Syndrome

      Seeks John Kerry’s help for gaining immunity to testify in Congressional Hearing about designer viruses and other black op projects.  Scientist behind providing flopped immunity to the Gulf War vets now wants immunity to testify about his knowledge of this syndrome.

      By Sterling D. Allan
      Greater Things News Service
      May 6, 2004


      Dr. Dan Burisch webcam shot May 4, 
      2004 (am) private chat with two people
      from Godlikeproductions forum.

      Dr. Dan Burisch, who is in a quasi lock-down situation, said he would like to have presidential hopeful, John Kerry, assist him in obtaining a Congressional hearing, with immunity, where he could give testimony to various black op projects in which he has been involved.

      Such testimony would include his knowledge of and involvement in creating designer viruses for biowarfare that could get out of hand, similar to the AIDS virus, which also originated in a laboratory. Evidence for his involvement in this activity can allegedly be found in a signature sequence that he hinted at having placed in the genetic code of the weapons-grade organisms on which he hinted that he had worked, according to an interview on April 5, 2004 by Harry Dschaak and Sterling Allan.

      “The world should know of the dangers we face, and why,” Burisch said in an interview held via a web chat with two individuals on the morning of May 4, which is now published on the web.

      Then, on the evening of May 4, in another web chat, this one open to anyone who wanted to join in, he indirectly disclosed that he was involved in the creation of what has come to be known as the Gulf War Syndrome.  Both conferences included the presence of a web cam and multiple witnesses who were party to the chat.

      "Tell the world about what you know," was the admonition Burisch gave in the course of the interview."

      In that interview, expressing his preference for which of the presidential candidates he would like to work through, he said, “I would have a meeting with Kerry if I could.”  John Kerry’s campaign office has been apprised of this request and said they would return a comment if they had one.  No comment has been posited as of the time of this writing.  Kerry's Senator position also gives him an avenue to assist Burisch if he should so choose.

      Though Burisch has been seeking a Congressional hearing for more than half a year, ever since a press release that was issued on April 8 publicly announcing that he seeks such a hearing, he has been backpedaling to the point that he now says it “is really doubtful at this time” that he would come forward.

      Burisch stated that he will not testify “without some kind of immunity release,” preferably coming from the President of the United States .

      “If someone drags my dying rear end into some kind of court room, and no immunity release is granted, the 5th Amendment WILL be recited to an eager court. If I am thrown into jail as a result, that would be better than talking without immunity; I can assure you -- LOTS BETTER!”

      40-year-old Burisch has an inoperable heart condition for which he is taking medications that sometimes cause him to go into convulsions. He has a 4-inch x ¼-inch scar going up the back of his head from a craniotomy he received in the early 70’s, and claims to have had bones broken by those who have him under their control.

      Later in the interview he said, "Every good natured human being (and I think I may somewhat qualify) does in fact want to tell the truth."

      Finding Burisch to present a subpoena to testify could get difficult. Burisch said the “curtain around me falls hard and tough” on the first of this coming June.

      Burisch does not want to be subpoenaed until after he completes the Lotus Project on which he is presently commissioned by a body that refers to themselves as “the Majestic Twelve.” The Lotus Project pertains to the development of what is called the Ganesh Particle, which is purported to have healing and regenerative powers, but which has proven disastrous in a trial run.

      Burisch said “The model WILL be finished.  After the model, I will be retiring,” which is presently scheduled for “March 16, 2005,” following the presentation of the model which inside sources close to Burisch said was scheduled to take place in Washington D.C. on March 15, 2005.

      Burisch seems to believe some form of hearing is already in the works. “If I am dragged anywhere, and a grant of complete, full, blanket immunity is attached, that’s because we probably already had it yesterday!”

      Referring to the head of the Majestic Twelve, who refers to himself as “J,” Burisch continued, saying, “J will have instructed me to open up the BIG can o worms.”  (In 1994, the head of the Majestic Twelve was retired Vice Admiral John Michael McConnel, U.S.N., N.S.A., MJ-Cosmic, according to a leaked document called “Q-94.”  That the current head of the Majestic Twelve refers to himself as “J”, provides indirect evidence that this is the person who is still in charge of their operations.)
      Describing the disclosure scenario he envisions, Burisch said, it “wouldn’t be in a courtroom at all.” “I would be in a sealed chamber with a lot of politicians around. Then testimony, with counsel present, and a member of [Majestic] counsel present, would proceed.”

      Burisch continued, “Initially the public would not hear the BIG can o worms. But, if this was presented, then that would mean that a decision was taken by the 12 to GO FOR IT, as it were. The appropriate surroundings would then be granted for a public hearing, and more than just me would be involved. I am not talking about those that have already talked, like [Dr. Steven] Greer´s folks. I am talking about deep insiders that would present matching, compelling testimony to blow the lid off the issue and get it over with.”

      Burisch then said that “the chances of this happening are......,” but did not finish the sentence, giving an implication of very low probability.

      He then said, “If I was placed in that situation, I agree that I may be an appropriate lead guy as the poster child” of the disclosure project for the thousands of black op projects that have been in operation of the past half century.

      Commenting on this disclosure scenario Burisch described, Dschaak said, "It reeks of the Warren Commission, in which a private group gets the full details, while the public is given a version that has been completely white-washed."

      Dschaak has been a key player among a small group of citizens worldwide who have actively followed the Burisch saga on a public forum thread at Godlikeproductions.com (GLP) since November 2004, where information from the inside has been leaked a little at a time, and where disinformation has been difficult to weed out from genuine facts.

      The "Big can O worms" may have actually been opened the night following the May 4 (early am) chat.  "J," came onto the GLP forum at 11:02 pm EDT and said, "I am going to open up Dan Burisch to a conference if you want one. This will be your LAST chance to speak with this man that you are pushing around when you know little of him. How do I know you know so little?  It's because you have regarded him as a saint. I have instructed him to tell the complete truth to you people, save one issue. That will become apparent. He will say NO COMMENT."

      As the logistics of pulling the chat together were discussed, "J" then posted again, further expounding the set-up.  "At this time he knows nothing of this. I will have him signed on as ‘protocells,’ and I will instruct him to answer all questions … to the best of his ability. ...You people have no real idea what dangers are lurking here.  He may react negatively at the start but he will listen to me whether he agrees with the set-up or not here. He wanted light. I will give it to him. Maybe he should be careful with what he asks for too. :)  Remember the staff of knowledge is double-edged."

      Commencing with seven participants, fifteen people ended up joining the web-cam chat at one point, and covered numerous topics over the course of several hours.  Such an open forum format is unprecedented for this tight-lipped Lotus Project.

      The director of the Lotus Project, Marcia McDowell, who also goes by B.J., was also patched into the online meeting.  McDowell took over directorship of the project from Burisch because of the exposure that came to the project following the April 8 press release by Dschaak and Allan.

      When she joined the conference after a few minutes of it being under way, Burisch informed her, "I have been instructed by J1 to proceed with complete truth, save one subject, where I am to say NO COMMENT.  You know what that subject is.  (Bad subject)."  He then confirmed to her that J had authorized the public conference, and that it was "confirmed [by] Senior Wensis," which is an inside code name from the Ed Sullivan show for a hand puppet that parrots what its master tells it to say.

      Toward the end of the chat, a person with the handle "judas_of_galilee" posted a question: "... GW syndrome?"

      Burisch then gave the awaited response: "NO COMMENT."

      BJ then wrote: "Thank you. Acknowledged."

      Because several people were posting near simultaneous, and the context was not clear, Burisch then followed up with a clarification: "GW syndrome? ----------ref that."

      Talk about anything but Gulf War syndrome.

      But that may not wash for the millions of lives that have been affected by the deaths and illnesses of their veteran loved-ones who were victims of the Gulf War syndrome.  They may have more questions to ask this Microbiologist in quasi lock-down, slated for heavy lock-down in a few days.

      Will they want to let Burisch finish the Lotus Project in a year before being subpoenaed to testify about what he knows about the Gulf War syndrome?

      In one early experimental release of the Gnash particle prototype of the Lotus Project, which is supposed to heal damaged cells, 150 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico were completely poisoned, killing all life, in what Burisch has referred to as "Blackwater."

      The public may also want to know more about the Ganesh particle, which has demonstrated a killing capacity, which Burisch wants to finish, before being called to testify about what he knows about designer viruses, Gulf War Syndrome, and other black op projects to which he is personally privy.

      "For the Sake of Humanity--Tell the World!" said Burisch in the course of the public chat session.  "The raising of the consciousness of the world is an important thing, to me, but acting responsibly is as well."

      Also published at:


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      - Strecker Memorandum
      - Dr. Len Horowitz:  http://www.tetrahedron.com 
      - www.rense.com/ufo4/manmade2.htm 

      Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project

      John Kerry’s Campaign Website

      Harry Dschaak
      cell: 208-431-9346
      Rockland, ID

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