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Farmer-Trucker Chosen for Allan 2004 Presidential Running Mate

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    The following will run as a press release on PRWeb Feb. 7. Your small donation can help give the announcement extra punch to hits the wires.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2004
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      The following will run as a press release on PRWeb Feb. 7.  Your small donation can help give the announcement extra punch to hits the wires. (http://tinyurl.com/yt2m)
      Harry is the one who spurred me to write Presidential Candidate Calls for Open Disclosure on U.S. Involvement with Extraterrestrial Frontier (http://www.allan2004.com/press_releases/040124_extraterrestrial_frontier/)

      Harry Dschaak -- A Man Who Knows and Loves the Trenches

      Sterling D. Allan's running mate is most comfortable in the dirt, working with his hands and is not afraid to get a little grease on them. He is gifted at "telling it like it is," with a twist of ironic humor that takes the edge off the painful truths that we all need to hear.

            "One out of a hundred people in our country are in agriculture -- responsible for growing the food that we eat. Yet today, no matter how hard an independent farmer works, his chances of generating a profit adequate to sustain his needs on any given year, are nearly non-existent. He has one of the most essential tasks of all, without which people would starve, yet he is compensated the least. The corporate farm and government programs are replacing the family farm, and the romance of farming along with it." -- Harry Dschaak.

      by Sterling D. Allan
      Feb. 1,5, 2004


      Harry has been an independent dairy farmer/rancher for most of his adult life.  "I see gobs of money flying past me -- in here, out there -- but none of it sticks on me," he says.  "You can work from sun up to sun down seven days a week when you have livestock, and at the end of the year you can still owe money. It’s not unheard of to find you have earned less than minimum wage for all the hours you put in, while the kids and the wife worked for free."

      He loves farming, but finally had to get out (again).

      "Our financial advisor told us that filing for a re-organizational type bankruptcy would solve our problems, and we finally went along with him.  In so doing, we lost our pride and feeling of self worth, as well as our good credit that had enabled us to operate for so many years.  It eventually put us out of the dairy business."

      "I felt terrible and I wanted to pay back those that I could.  YOU CAN'T DO THAT.  They said if I paid back one, I would become liable to all of them and they could sue me to pay them back too."

      So what did Harry do?  He figured out round about ways to pay back all the people on whom he had to file. Of course this level of integrity does not show up on any credit report.

      "How far our country has gone down hill, when a person has to break the law in order to do the right thing!  I don’t feel comfortable owing anyone any money."

      I met Harry a couple of weeks ago when he phoned me, wanting to stop by and talk about a matter of high importance to him -- a subject that he felt was crucial in helping to enable the survival of our planet and species.  He happened to be driving a semi truck full of hay to my town from up in Idaho near where he lives.

      I later learned that he actually accepted this particular hauling job when he learned the destination was Ephraim, Utah, where I live; seeing it as an opportune way to get down to visit with me.

      He had found out about me because of a page he came across on my freeenergy.greaterthings.com website.

      Recently, Harry has learned to use the Internet, and has been getting a whirlwind education about what is happening behind the scenes in the shadow government of this and other countries.  Rather than stand by and watch things happen, he wants to stand up and make a difference in averting the destructions to which our world is headed at present.

      He has also experienced corruption first hand, having worked for a man who turned out to be a professional con man.  His story of how the man operated and got away with what he did is worthy of a feature film.

      A father of six children, Harry and his wife, Jodi, have often had other children in their care as well.  The other day; after I got off the phone from speaking with the editor of the Salt Lake Tribune, questioning their choice of featuring the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) on the front page at a time when they should be telling the story of how the DCFS is keeping a child (Matthew Thaxton) away from his parents when it has been shown that the pretext for taking the child was flawed; Harry told me of a time when he had a run-in with the DCFS:

      Apparently Harry had spanked an undisciplined twelve year old, who had been left in the care of the Dschaaks, and the DCFS intervened, resulting in Harry's removal from the home, his wife losing her job, his family being kicked out on the street, and the adoptive-mother of this foster child loosing her job.  Harry was charged with "Injury to a Child".  It is still a sensitive subject, but a story worth repeating, especially when he tells it.  At least four times during the two day jury trial, in the face of the overwhelming odds of losing the case, and with threats of further charges being made against him, he was offered a chance to accept a plea bargain. 

      "No way," he said, "Why plead guilty to something I didn't do, just to get a lesser sentence.  Guilty is still Guilty."

      To the surprise of the judge (who once worked for the DCFS [should have remanded himself from the case?]) and the court; The Jury unanimously ruled in Harry's favor:  "Not guilty."  In the face of what looked to most surely be a rape of justice, Harry won his court battle and cleared his name -- but only after a long train of abuses from the DCFS. 

      The thought of taking on a race for the presidency with such overwhelming odds against a decent showing is no problem for Harry.  He stands for what is right because it is right; regardless of what others might think, and like his battle with the DCFS, though everyone else might tell him otherwise, he believes we can win.  "I can promise you that all is not as it seems with the world and our Government.  Honesty is what American voters and non voters most need right now"

      Harry has never held public office, nor has he run for office.  The extent of his political experience amounts to his communicating with government officials to urge a change in the way things are done.

      This does not deter Harry, who sees today's political system as too prone to corruption and control by unseen hands -- perhaps the very reason things have gotten so out of kilter.

      Can an Idaho farmer, dairyman, with a young family, hold his own in a room full of decision or policy makers? I believe this one can.  He has hands-on experience in how the American Dream has changed. He too has had to change his focus, and redirect his understandings.  He knows how to tell the story of what has gone wrong. He has a vision, and wants to share it: about how together we might change the way things are done.

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      • Harry Dschaak (dee-shock)
        208-548-2448; cell: 208-221-6838


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