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WARNING: Super Plague Pending, Intuitive Warns; antidote=carrots

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    (The following press release is set to go live at PRWeb on Saturday. [Preview] A small contribution of $30 will enable it to get listed at Google news and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2004
      (The following press release is set to go live at PRWeb on Saturday. [Preview]  A small contribution of $30 will enable it to get listed at Google news and Yahoo news.  I personally know the intuitive mentioned here, and have strong cofidence in her accuracy.)
      Super Plague Pending, Intuitive Warns - Says a massively deadly disease that weakens cell linings and flusters T-cells is about to be unleashed by conspiratorial international elite. Carrots said to be effective preemptive deterrent. (Greater Things News Service exclusive.)
      For immediate release

      by Sterling D. Allan
      Greater Things News Service
      Jan. 1, 2004

      An intuitive with demonstrated credibility has issued a warning that conspiratorial elements in the shadow government of the U.S. and other nations are about to unleash a massive plague in their efforts to drastically reduce the population of the earth down to what they consider to be a more "manageable" level.
      According to the intuitive, who wishes to remain unnamed, the attack will take the form of a genetically engineered super bug that attacks the membranes of cells, causing them to lose their ability to maintain a proper pH balancing, thus leading to death.  It also subverts the T-cell immunity of the body, causing it to go into an auto-destruct mode.  The body's hyper reaction is what is deadly.
      Seventeen prominent scientists have died in the past year under suspicious circumstances.  The intuitive said they were investigating various facets in relation to the technology involved in this coming plague.
      The bug is neither a virus nor a bacteria, but a prion, like in Mad Cow disease.  The intuitive said it is called a "demiscel," and that the recent Mad Cow outbreak was from earlier tests being done.
      The demiscel is passed from person to person by contact as well as airborne as well as by ingestion.
      When the demiscel is unleashed, it will result in a deadly plague of proportions not seen in recent memory.  The intuitive said at first people might confuse it with other syndromes such as SARS.  The first symptoms are flue-like.
      According to the intuitive, the elitists who are behind this scheme to unleash this apocalyptic plague have an immunization that they have disbursed to those who they deem fit to survive this plague.
      The intuitive said that chemtrails have been used to weaken people's immune systems so that when they are exposed to this demiscel they will succumb.  Chemtrails are created from nozzles installed on jet liners that emit chemicals while in flight.  In 2001, in house resolution HR 2977 IH, Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio listed "chemtrails" as an "exotic weapons system" that should be eliminated.
      The intuitive also said that the emaciation of nutrients in the food chain has also been done with the design of weakening people' immune systems and ability to survive this pending attack.
      The intuitive said that carrots contain a combination of substances that naturally block the propagation of this demiscel, but that they need to be in a person's system before exposure, not after, when it will tend to be too late.  A carrot a day is adequate to bolster a persons immune function to enable them to survive the demiscel.  They will get sick, but it will not be lethal.
      Carrots are rich in antioxidants Beta Carotene and Glutathione, and vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and E, which are also considered antioxidants, which help fight free radicals.  Glutathione helps the body recycle vitamin E, as well as replenish white blood cells.
      The effect of the carrots is cumulative, so the longer a person has been eating them regularly, the better off they will be when exposed to this demiscel.
      The intuitive said the conspirators would disburse the demiscel by breaking vials of the substance on floors in the airports of large cities such as in Chicago, and other human thoroughfares.
      Just prior to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack on America, this intuitive saw the Lord and wondered why he was so sad.  He said he could not say.  Then after the attack, the intuitive asked the Lord if that is why he had been so sad, and he confirmed this to be the case.
      Recently, the intuitive again saw him with a similar demeanor, and she asked if something awful is about to happen again, and he said it was.  The intuitive asked permission to go through the veil and visit with the Lord about this.  Permission was granted, and she was educated about what is about to transpire.
      She was told that she should propagate this information, especially about the carrots.
      She said that infected cells resemble Swiss cheese.  The demiscel infection itself is not what kills a person, but that the body's response to the infection is lethal.  The body releases a watery, gelatinous, pink substance that is acidic in nature, and eats the body alive.
      She said that if a healthy person has the right amino acids in their body, their body won't over compensate.
      The demiscels attack the T-cells and the lymph system first.  The demiscel resembles a potato with the filamentous ears protruding.  She said the demiscel is able to adapt and mimic a cell's biology and gain entrance as if it was non-foreign.
      She said the demiscel would mutate and that the protrusions would be barbed, increasing their ability to attack a cell.
      If the intuitive is correct, one has to wonder what such conspirators would stand to gain by eliminating the weak from society.  Those who are stronger are harder to control, not easier.
      Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio mentioned Chemtrails as an exotic weapons system in HR 2977 IH: "Space Preservation Act of 2001"
      Scientists' deaths are under the microscope
      Search Google.com: Carrots+Health
      Search Google.com: Microbiologists+Dead
      Search Google.com: Chemtrails
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